Although I can't reply, I will pray for each post

Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by Asatrump, Mar 10, 2006.

  1. Asatrump

    Asatrump New Member

    I would just like to say that I intend to read each and every post and pray, but I can't keep up with written replies to each member.

    So, please know in advance that even though I seem invisible, I am here and I ask God for help in your behalf.

    Maybe if I go on record as saying that , it won't appear that I am picking favorites or taking one person's problems more seriously than others. We are used to seeing one long thread, now there will be more individual requests.

    I ask God each day to help all of us. There is not a single one of us without problems.
  2. fivesue

    fivesue New Member

    Prayer warriors like you are the most powerful people there are....and the most underrated, also.

    I now know that you are praying for me, and I think of you often, asking God to help you in your daily life.

  3. claudiaw

    claudiaw New Member

    I totally understand.
    It physically hurts me to type, but want to answer as many as possible but can't.
    I will pray for you too!:)
  4. Asatrump

    Asatrump New Member

    I am still here and read and pray. Typing does not give me pain, but I have a lot of email per day to respond to. I think when I got my first computer God gave me a mission.

    I write to about ten women who also suffer with FMS. Some for as long as 7 years, daily. I made my own support group , and I think it my mission to offer an ear, a smile, a tear a sigh along with our sharing medical issues.

    I regret there is no safe way at this time to exchange email addresses, because the close bonds from daily mail are so wonderful.

    I was on this worship board before it was deleted. I used to call myself the resident organist. I played church organs and directed choirs nearly 40 years.

    There were problems and I quit and I became very disillusioned , I didn't leave under the best of circumstances and was shocked the pastor never even phoned. I am definitely not looking for sympathy, just to let you know where my head is at.

    I have not attended church for 1.5 years since I quit. However I don't think I ever got much out of church as I had to concentrate on what was going on, what I was doing next etc.

    Now, I have time, and feel I pray much more.

    It might amuse you to know I spend half an hour each morning in the hot tub in my garage. Lights are dim, jets making noise. I take that half hour and pray. It feels like my own sanctuary.

    That is one reason I asked people to please give me a first name, so I can focus better. I tend otherwise to recall the problem of the person, but not who it is.

    Knowing we all pray together is heart warming. Blessings to you all.
  5. claudiaw

    claudiaw New Member

    Sounds like a minisrty to me.:)
    I love that you pray in your garage in the hot tub!:)
    I wonder if anyone see's or hears you in the summer.:)
    I'm sorry about the circumstances at church, unfortunatly things like that are common, sounds like you still get to fellowship though and that's good.
    You are much appreciated, thank you.
    I will pray for you as well.
    God Bless,