Aluminum Foil--to foil electronic pickpockets

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    Below is an article from Market Watch about the bad people that use scanners next to your behind (for your wallet) or next to your pocketbook to pick up the info on your credit cards that have those RFID chips (Chase credit cards are one that uses RFID chips). A sheet of Aluminum Foil in your wallet or in your pocketbook "foils" (pun intended) the thief. You can read below everything about how they do it, what they get and at the end it tells you about Aluminum Foil:
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    My hubby had heard all about that on TV and told our son who works with computers. He said no need to gett hose special shields or wallets if you wrap the cards up in foll. So, that is wht we are doingnow. It is a pain though to have to take it out of the foil each time but worth the effort

    I can't believe nowadays what theives will do to get your $$ and identity.

    Thanks for sharing the info. with all !