always cold /night sweats

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by hannahfaid, Dec 8, 2008.

  1. hannahfaid

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    I am taking meds for thyroid... thyroid is stable... I have fm and cfs I am ALWAYS cold!!!
    at night I sweat wake up wet from sweating then Im cold from the sweat and then I just can't shake that chill, it stays with me allll day!! anyone else?? what to do with the night sweats ????
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  2. lrning2cope

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    I am going through menopause and I have researched this myself. The information is mixed from what I found. Menopause can have these symptoms , but so can fm and cfs, because our temperature "control" is out of wack.

  3. hermitlady

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    Me too. Last night I was just drenched after an hour in bed. Some of it is probably pre-meno hormones, part from meds I'm taking. Hydrocodone can cause sweats and when I was on Effexor it was even worse. You might want to check your med side effects if you're taking anything.

    Miserable! I have to wear a warm hat even in the house in the winter, I even sleep in one sometimes. If my head gets cold I have weird "cold feeling" headaches. Always alternating from sweating to chilling!
  4. VeniceQueen

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    I have had them too. I wake up completely drenched and have to change my jammys and then i am freezing the rest of the night. I have had nights where i change my jammys twice. I agree, it feels like my body is unable to regulate my body temp. I have fm and cfs. I am not on any meds right now. I am 35 but due to endometriosis and many surgeries it may be the start of menopause. I mentioned it to my gyno but she hasnt said what she thinks is causing it yet. My rheumy is not sure either. Sorry I dont have an answer for you.

  5. hannahfaid

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    for all your replies... I guess its just one of those things... Im 40 and I am not in menopause yet.. this has been going on for about 4 months but now that the weather is getting chillier I wake up colder brrrrrr! LOL
    I started taking more supplements again a few days ago.. I completely went off them when I moved in maybe I just need a boost.. I will keep ya posted
    thanks again!
  6. Rachelsvine

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    hannah, you didn't say how old you were, but could be lack of Estrogen or your fighting a viral thing. Low bood sugar can do it as well. Perhaps get your hormones balanced. Betty...( been there)
  7. steach

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    You said that you are taking thyroid med and your thyroid is stable.

    I read a book, I forget the name of it and the authors, and it talked about "optimal ranges" for different people. Even though your labs may be "within normal limits", that doesn't mean the levels are optimal for you. Are you on the low-side of normal limits, in the middle, on the high end?

    I had labs done last month and my thyroid function was "within normal limits" but at the very minimum. I have been experiencing hair loss, weight gain, more fatigue, freezing when everyone else is warm, etc. I told my doc that I would like to give a higher dose a try (from 75mcg to 88mcg) and he agreed. I'm still watching for improvements everyday.