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    I just need to chat with someone that understands. I have a wonderful husband but he doesn't understand this at all. I hurt everyday...sometimes it's tolerable and sometimes it brings me to tears. I work 40 hours a week but when i get home i lay down and am in pain. Most of the time i can't sleep because i can't keep my legs still. I also have RLS and have for years. they have give me meds but i can't take them during the day. Sometimes i want to chop my legs off. I hate beign in pain everyday and having to suck it up and go on with life. I try not to complain to much to my husband...but sometimes i can't help it.
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    just wanted to let you know, i understand your frustrations.

    i also have a husband that tries to understand, but doesn't fully understand everything i go through. it's really hard for someone who doesn't have this, to fully understand what it's like living in this pain.

    i also know what it's like to not want to complain too much to your husband. i feel the same way. it's so hard to just suck it up and pretend like nothing's wrong when you just want to curl up in a little ball and cry.

    i also work full-time, and just wish i could stop.

    just wanted to let you know, i understand.

    if you need to let it out and complain, i'll listen.

    i'll say a little prayer for you, i hope you can have just a little relief, and peace in your heart and mind.<3
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    Unless you have FMS, CFS, RLS, CTS, PF, OA, and all the other FUN STUFF we all deal with, you can't even begin to understand just how bad we feel 24/7/365. No one in my family understands or even cares.
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    I am so sorry for your pain. It is so hard to live every single day hurting. But try not to let the pain win. Find something that brings you aa funny movie, or a good book. Anything to tke your mind off the pain and give yourself a break. A nice hot bubble bath! I know how you feel and I hope you feel better very soon.
    Try getting a little sunshine during the day!
    I care!
    Your friend,