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    Hi everyone. I used to post here a couple years ago, but alot has happened and I kind of got away from posting. I have a bit of a dilemma and need your input. I'm CONSTANTLY least once a month. I swear I get sick more than my husband and both my kids combined. I've always been this way, even as a young child. However, it's gotten worse since my bout with mono when I was 14 years old. I'm 26 now, BTW. But since having my kids, it's definitely gotten even worse yet. I've already been sick 3 times since my daughter was born in September. Not only do I get sick alot, but when I catch something it's usually worse than other people. My son could have a virus and end up with a fever of 101 for a couple days. Me...I catch the same virus and end up with a fever of 103 for 2 or 3 days and then a fever of 101 for another couple days. The problem is, I chose the wrong profession (I'm an RN) to have a bad immune system. Working in healthcare I'm obviously even more susceptible to illness. For instance, even with getting the flu shot, I still managed to get the flu a couple years ago. When I get sick, I drag my butt to the doctor to cover myself so that it's not an unexcused absence if I end up missing work. However, of course my boss is not thrilled that since being back from maternity leave I've been sick 2 months in a row now. Because of this, they've now put me on corrective action at work. Meaning for the next 3 months if I miss even a single day, I risk losing my job. I guess my question is actually a 2-part question. First of all, any suggestions on how to strengthen my immune system so that I'm not catching EVERY virus/infection that goes around? I'm thinking about making appt with my doctor to talk to him about this. I was diagnosed with CFS back in 2004. I had all the basic testing done to rule out autoimmune diseases or any other obvious causes. Secondly, at a previous job I was set up on intermittent leave of absence so that in the event of illness or doctor's appts, they legally could not penalize me for my absence. Do you think it would be worth it to have that set up again? I LOVE my job and it's killing me that I'm going through this. I love the career I chose and certainly don't want to risk losing my job. I know that being a nurse I can get a job anywhere, but I love the hospital I work for and now that I'm working dayshift I'm actually happy on the unit as well. Anyway, what are your thoughts on this? Has anyone ever been in a similar position with their jobs? Any insight or advice would be greatly appreciated.
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    Hi Kim,
    First, congrats on your new baby!!
    I don't have CFS, I have Fibro, so I can't help you with specifics there, but can only offer my personal opinion.
    I would absolutely talk to your Dr. I think it's kind of ironic that you work in a hospital and they don't understand that maybe you do need some help with your immune system (strengthening if that's possible). Do you have a good rapport or relationship with any of the Dr.'s there? Is there someone you could pull aside and talk with?

    Before I lost my job, I would probably take a leave - only because I wouldn't want to have a firing on my records. It may not show that way though on yours?

    It sounds like an awful lot of pressure for you not to miss one single day in the next three months. What if you or your child becomes seriously ill? Do they want you around the patients?, themselves?

    Like I said, make an appt with your Dr. - he's in the same field as you are, I'd think he'd be pretty understanding of your situation in particular.

    I think the nursing profession is such an admirable one! Save your health though and go back when you can, if that's what you choose to do. You ARE so fortunate to have chosen a profession that is in high demand.

    Was I any help at all? It's 4 am here!!
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    I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 1981 then CFIDS in 1989. Actually, my entire family and some of mother's family have these diagnoses. As a hobby, I began studying the human body and genetics. I spend most of my days in gene banks, especially John Hopkins Online Mendelian Inheritance. I have done surveys of over 500 people regarding their FMS or CFIDS and other illnesses in their family. Along with studying research results from every country in the world I have come for several conclusions. I am writing two books... one on the genetic imbact and how I think we got it. And, the other on how we meet and reproduce with others causing some of these "labeled diseases."

    That is pretty much what they are: Labels. You can treat labels but you won't get well, you will just get day to day results from the treatment. My goal is to help people get to the bottom of the basic genetic issue.

    If you go into chat rooms on here or anywhere you will hear the same stories: I have:
    CFIDS, FMS, Endometriosis, LUPUS, Dystonia, MS, etc.etc.etc. Same old same old... labels.

    In my studies I have steriotyped people. You are a nurse. Actually, there are only about 8 professions you would have chosen. Nursing or teaching are at the top of the lists. I believe this comes from Chromosome 7. A deficiency for some or an over abundance for others of "empathy" or "altruism." If you put 100 people with FMS and CFIDS into a room and make them fill out a questionaire, you will find a huge percentage of nurses and teachers. It was not funny but the founder of Morgellon's syndrome (where strange threads emerce from the skin) said "nurses and teachers are getting it." Yeah, well, that's because of the underlying genetic factor.

    Twins play a big part in this. Perhaps from the Aland Islands in Finland. Also Huntington's seems to play an underlying factor.... from northern Venezuela... most severely affected area of the world.

    It does not matter if you went to war and were shot with a thousand live viruses or you had polio or you had severe trauma like childbirth, auto accident or a Lyme tick bit ya ! Its not about the pathogen. Most of us are loaded with mycoplasms, TB is a biggy, Fermentans is another. CFIDS people are so open to virus and bacteria that we have 4 or 5 times the live amount in our systems. Tell me that's not stress ! *has nothing to do with outside stress by the way.

    If you fall into the category I am studying, and you do because you are a nurse, then you have to rid everything in site from the toxins. Whatever your liver on Chromosome 14 can't deal with. Each of us are different.

    First, no grains of any kind. 6 months..... hard as heck to do, but do it. No milk or cheese of any kind. So now you are wondering what you eat! VEGGIES and more veggies and more veggies. ALMONDS. Nothing in a package or bag.... (excellent for your kids) they are children of a nurse. Now, outside. no smoke, no chemicals, try to find natural products to clean with, even vinegar. Regardless of your label or what the doc might think you have..... you can't handle the illnesses..... so, you gotta clean up the body.

    I love diet coke. Loaded with garbage, they say can clean a car engine. Full of aspertame, one chemical they say is a trigger. I hate this !

    Wind brings allergies, spring and rains bring allergies. We are a very allergic group. Mostly we are allergic to the urea put off by all the tiny beasts inside us. So, clean out ! Keep your system cleaned with a good liver detox..... colon cleanse, etc. You can find products on here or search message boards for people's opinions. MOUTH... keep it cleaned out.

    Most importantly for me is acidolphalus. I also found out something neat. Kelfir. Its kinda like yogurt. You can buy it freeze dried. Be careful of your source. Eating yogurt works but you have no idea how much good bacteria is in a cup of it. I live in a foreign country. We put kelfir in milk (I use goat because I can't handle cow milk) you leave it for 24 hours. The stuff swells up, then you can eat it with a spoon or drink it. THEN, you remove the puffy little cottage cheese like balls, put them in a strainer and wash them till they are non milky. Put them in a cup and start the process all over again. IF you drink this twice a day, you will feel 100% better soon. I suppose that some people could be allergic to kelfir. You will know if your system does not like it. Cleaning out the gut which is 70% of our immune system, is the most important thing you can do.

    For me, there is a fish toxin that I can't deal with. LORD! Thus, I have had to eliminate fish. That puts me on chicken, chicken and chicken. occasionally I treat myself to other meats and I love veggies and salads so no problem. But I do get tired of chicken.

    no one can cure you. BUT, you can change your life and find your toxins and what your own personal liver and kidney can't deal with. FORGET labels... does not matter what they pin on you, its the underlying factor.

    I am NOT a doctor or even any form of medical personnel. You know a lot more than I do about medicine. But, I walked out of a wheelchair.

    If I take the flu shot, I will get that flu..... I can't handle the beasts! Not even a tiny portion of a life virus. I am not surprised you got sick. They really want to replicate!

    Want to spend your money on expensive test... go for it. But you will get label results and they will give you medicine that will make your liver and kidneys more toxic than they really are.

    I strongly.... repeat.... strongly don't believe HIV causes aids and the Tick does not cause Lymes Disease.... if you put all the people in one room..... they or their family all have the same diseases..... Tick bit, out came the results.

    They have found Herpes Virus (one of many pathogens they might find) in the area that begins the tangles of Alzheimers. I think the quote is 90% of the people have Herpes Simplex, fever blisters. IF you eat any citrus... tomatoes, oranges, lemons, limes, even grapefruit, you can make those little tiny terrorist very mad and they want out. Major stress that puts your body in a "tight squeeze" can make them want out too.... Herpes 1, escapes through the lips... chicken pox in various places in the body as shingles.... etc.etc. Can't stress them.... they are not nice when they exit.

    Ok, I wrote a book. Now, let's see if it accepts my long reply. Good luck

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    I wrote Kelfir.... that's not right. Its Kefir . Sorry , Search it

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    I too am a nurse....and have fibro. I could no longer keep up with my job due to fatigue and cognitive difficulties. I was terribly afraid of giving the wrong med, etc. so switched professions after20 years and became a medical transcriptionist.

    This provided me the opportunity to work for another 7 years before the pain became to severe to continue. Like you, I loved being a nurse, and cried when I had to quit. Then I loved my new job, and it was even worse when I had to quit that, because work was now impossible in any field.

    When you are no longer able to work, you will know it. I was hanging onto furniture and walls to walk, could no longer think without total concentration....anyone else in the room talking would cause extreme anxiety, etc. I would go home and be in bed immediately and sleep until the alarm went off, and be in bed the entire weekend in order to work. Finally went to part time, but that didn't help either.

    Luckily, I was able to keep my insurance for 18 months, went on disability, and was without ins for 2 years. Just couldn't afford it....not a fun place to be.

    Hopabout's post was very intriguing to me, and had some very good suggestions. I fully agree with so much of our problem being in the gut, and that needs to be dealt with first. Can say I'm a bit better now...can walk unassisted at least, after 5 years. Just do whatever it takes, and make your health your top priority! Best wishes***Jole***
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    Hi SicKim,
    I have a very weak immune system, too. I seem to catch everything. I just found out that I have fibromyalgia. I'm not sure if that is what causes my colds, ear infections, sore throats, etc, but I have found that large doses of vitamin C helps TREMENDOUSLY!! Every night I take 2 - 1000 mg time release capsules (the time release is very important). If I feel like I'm getting sick, I supplement that with another 1000 mgs in the mid-morning. Also, its gross sounding, but my dad turned me on to it, gargling with hydrogen peroxide really helps if your throat starts feeling scratchy. I have found that I can usually ward off most illnesses before they get too bad when I do these things.
    Just ideas that work for me and I thought I'd share them.
    Good luck with everything...
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    There are some good ones sold here. 4Life products are good too.

    There are general ones and ones that target specific viruses like EBV.

    For years they have made a huge difference in my life.

    Not so much info is given on the targeted TF's. You have to call Prohealth to get which ones target which virus. Also, if you decide to try them, you might want to open the capsule and take half under your tongue at bedtime. It can make you feel a little sick.

    Also, we have a Transfer Factor Board that gives more info.


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