always sick this year!

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    i'm new here i like the friendliness of the people here. Anyway this past year has been the worste for me I have been sick at least 5 timesz I have never been this sick in a long while at least since i was a child I was always in the hospital I have a syndrome called digeorge and i have passe dthis on to my daughter who is 3 now . We have a blood clotting disorder also called von willebrandts disease. I'm going to the doctor tomarrow once again for a migriane i;ve had since sunday evening last week i've had an asthma attack and now headaches the past 2 mos I've have been sick aat laesst 3 times with the flu or a cold that has kept me in bed,. Sometimes it's hard for me to get up on the morning but I have to to take my baby girl to therapy every day. I'm only 35 and have 2 kids but I feel like i"m wayyyyyy older then that. I also have experineced panic attacks and have been seen by a therapist for this and take paxil daily for them. They were really bad this christmas I wasnt sure if I was going to make it through the christmas without a breakdown. I'm just not sure what i'm tryin gto say here or what i'm trying ot get accomplished by writing this but I just had to get this off my chest.

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    I can relate! It's like everything is attacking you at once, & you don't know where to turn or what to do. Am I right? I just wanted to let you know you are not alone. I've had a very bad year, I'm glad 2004 is over with! And it helps to vent and get it down in writing. There is a lot of helpful people on these boards(I'm usually on the fibro board) but just happened to go on this one tonight & your post was the 1st one I pulled up because this is exactly how I've been feeling. I usually don't post alot, but I read alot of them. Hope things are better in 2005 for you, & if you need to get things off your shoulders then by all means DO IT! We may not answer right away, but I'll be thinking of you & hoping things get better!! poopsie
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    I replied to your other post titled "Drs. Appt.)
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    I was like that last year I started taking this new vitamin called Nutriferon it builds the immune system I have been taking it for over a year and I haven't been sick yet.Also there is a product called GLA Complex that might help you with your blood clotting. These are all natural products.If you are interested please email me at
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    I know that it is bad. I have 3 children and last winter was heck for me. I can't tolerate it and stay sick or in bed. The 2 winters previous were not THAT bad, but last winter!!! OMG. I found it hard to appreciate life at all! I tried to find out what was wrong with me while I was able to work and had insurance, was constantly ill and in pain, and the docs only treated me for the accute problems and did very little to discover an underlying cause. I have no dx and getting worse.When I tried to push them, they treated me like I was crazy and there was nothing wrong. At one point they thought I was a prescription medication junkie, so I refused pain meds and told them I would give all my limbs to find out what was wrong with me. They did a few little blood tests, sent my case to a neuro-surgeon, and he then spanked it to a neurologist who then told me many people suffer from this and when I asked the name of the ailment, he said there was no name. A nice why to tell someone they are a nut case. YOU are not alone in how you feel. You dread waking up everyday knowing the pain is going to be there making a mess of every aspect of your life, making you feel old, making you feel that you are standing on the other side of the window of life watching everyone else live. You are here for answers, tips on how to cope, advice and emotional support, to validate the fact that you aren't alone. The people here are wonderful, I'm a seeker too and just knowing that there are so many who feel like I do, experiencing the same things is a blessing. This helps me hang on to the last thread I have. You have found the right people to share with even if you are venting. Much love to you Mama. You don't have to be outside of EVERYTHING anymore.