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    my doc diagnosed me with FM last year. like many others my symptoms come and go (aching back, shoulders, fatigue, various aches & pains)now something new has been thrown into the mix. i've been getting slight headaches that are located mainly across my brow bone, forehead and temples. the air conditioner in the car makes it worse, i don't feel sick when i have them, just the annoying pain and also my ears feel swollen on the inside. i went to the doctor last week because i have a slight post-nasal drip (seems like forever) and he thought it might be allergies. gave me nascort to use (think it makes it worse) Sorry this is so long, but i'm hoping someone can relate and let me know. am I just crazy, do I have something more serious or is this another FM attack? thanks to you all!
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    Dear Gatormama,
    I have these also. Only noticed them after most of my pains been gone. Probably had them for over 23 years now.

    First I was told that I had a sinus headache. Given antibiotics 3 times.

    Now I'm told that I have a form of migrain. My eyes also make me think I am tired. If I lie back and close my eyes for 15 minutes they tend to go away.

    Really interested in seeing if anyone els has these.

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    I jump on my tramp and that helps me with sinus stuff. But not if I've got a bad headache. I drink warm water with 2 teaspoons of lemon juice in it first thing when I get up in the morning. (It cuts though the mucus build up I get when I sleep)
    Hope that helps you.
    Again welcome to the board
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    Hi gatormama:

    Oh hon I feel for you, I know exactly how you feel. I get these crazy headaches, earaches, post nasal drip,etc....

    It is so hard to believe that everything that we suffer from, those millions of symptoms that we have can be caused by FM and/or CFS, but it is true. I can relate because I get so fed up when something new pops up, so don't feel you are alone sweetie, there are many of us with all that too.

    Now having said that, it is always good to see an internist to see if something else is going on that may not be FM related. There seems to be an overlapping of symptoms with FM/CFS and other DD's.

    You are not crazy, you are human suffering from so many ills that it gets to the point where you can feel so frustrated. That is what we are all here for, you vent we console as best we can.

    Hoping you feel much better soon. Will be praying for you.

    Many hugs,