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    I saw a program on tv last week about how hundreds of thousands of people are givein the Parkinson's or Alzheimer's diagnosis, when in fact they do not have it at all.

    The program insisted that you must be firm and insist a MRI of the head for the ailing person. What was showing up on the MRI results was in fact fluid on the brain! It gives the same symptoms as the other diseases.

    This disease is called "NORMAL PRESSURE HYDROCEPHALUS" OR NPH.

    They do a surgery where the install a small shunt in the person begind the ear which causes the fluid to run off the brain and into the stomach instead.

    The man on the program said after the surgery he was instantly healed and no longer had symptoms. He also said he cannot feel the shunt, so it is not uncomfortable.

    Please check in to this and demand an MRI even on the eldest of patients.

    Hope this helps someone. To me it was meant that I saw that show so I could share it with you and perhaps stop some of the nsedless suffering in your loved ones.
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