am doing better and want to say thank you

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    want to thank you all am doing better 11/13/03 06:55 AM

    I put this in God's hands. It still hurts, but I thought about it. i would get really mad if here was a complaint made and it was not checked out and a child was hurt. Those stories always make me so mad. so I can't be mad at them for doing their job. it just gets scarey when you think of the few that have been accused wrongly and suffer for it. But I know how loved and protected Zach is.

    When you have as many people in and out you are bound to find a few bad apples in the bunch. The rest are angels to us.

    Thank you all I trust in your prayers so much and it helps me to be strong.

    i feel I lean on you all too much, but I would not have made it w/o/y all through all this.

    you all mean the world to me.

    ok ok I will stop with the mush.
    love kathyre

    ( how can I stay upset........ i just looked over at Zachy and he was laughing at me climbing over his exersaucer!!!)