Am I being too protectivE?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by 2bafriend, Jul 10, 2008.

  1. 2bafriend

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    OK, I know i've only posted on here a few times, but you all have given great advice that has really helped.
    As i have said before, i myself do not have fibro, but a very good friend does.
    MY friend has had a very busy, stressful week. She is very exhausted, and probably feeling way worse than she will let on.
    Anyway, tomorrow there is a board meeting with myself & her and an a small group of other people. She will probably not come to the meeting, because of how she is feeling. I told her of course that was fine & she needed to stay at home & not overdo herself! Tonight i was speaking with another person on the board, who will be at the meeting tomorrow, and this person is also someone i respected, and considered to be a friend. I mentioned that my friend will not be at the meeting tomorrow because she is not feeling well, and i heard her say, "Of CoursE" This person knows about the fibromyalgia, but possibly doesn't know alot about it.
    I'm pretty angry about that comment, and the tone of acting like she can help how she feels! I know alot of you have to go through this same thing with others... but do you guys think i'm being too defensive over this? Tomorrow if she says anything i'm considering walking away from the board & basically quitting. Do you guys think i'm being too hard on someone who just doesn't understand fibromyalgia, or do you think i'm doing right by standing up for her & not putting up with them treating her like that?
  2. findmind

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    I think I would go to the meeting and if any comments are made, its an opportunity to be very calm and in a soft voice let the other board members know that you have researched FM, and you have found it to be worse than some cases of MS, it is soooo painful!

    Let the chips fall where they may; maybe some other members know a family member or friend who also has it: you will maybe be surprised. Further, no one could ever doubt your loyalty as a friend, and may think you are the one for them!

    You're sure the one for me and us!

  3. gapsych

    gapsych New Member

    I agree with findmind.

    You seem to care a lot for your friend. That is admirable.

    I understand your concern for your friend.

    Is she comfortable with having you stand up for her? Would she rather do this herself? Or both?

    Have you talked with her about being on this board and that maybe it would be helpful if she were also a member? Do you think she is ready or willing to do something like this?

    This board has helped so many with being empowered and to look for coping techniques, as well as support and information.

    As a friend, just letting her know that you are there for her, probably means a lot.

    Hope this helps.

  4. Honora88

    Honora88 Member

    I think it is an opportunity to get her to understand and a chance for her to be educated. People need to be confronted and educated and it sucks but someone has to do it.

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