Am I crazy?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by pamlamb, Nov 5, 2006.

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    Recently my Dr mentioned trying Shock Therapy for my depression. Its not as brutal as it once was, still, its messing with the brain somehow. With the holidays comming up, I am tempted to try it. Has anyone had it and how did it go? Im a bit scared, so hearing experiences may help. Thanks, Pamlamb
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    I guess a lot of us are tempted to try anything for a bit of relief.

    A friend of a friend of mine has had shock therapy for severe bipolar.

    I know that it effected her memory quite badly. I think that it takes about half a day to get over, but not sure about that. Personally it's something that I'd stay away from.

    It may be helpful to change the title of your post so that people know that you are looking for shock therapy experiences.

    I'm sorry that you're feeling so bad.
    Hope that you can get some improvement soon.
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    Your not crazy, if you suffer from severe depression and the medications you are taking have either decreased in their effectiveness or are not working at all than sometimes electro shock therapy is indicated as a good way to jump start your brain and the chemicals. It is no longer like the days that people often see from the 1950s when it was overdone. These days it can be done on an outpatient basis, one is given a low dose sedative/muscle that, you wont' remember anything and then the level of electric current is given (much lower then in past years).

    However, you should talk to your attending doctor I'm assuming a pychiatrist so you have a thorogh understanding of the procedure, risks and outcomes.. Bring a support person to that appointment. However if nothing else is working and you feel comfortable with your doctor and yoour depression is severe enough you may want to go ahead with it. I have talked with adult clients that have been through ECT with good results. Hope this was helpful, Good luck and let us know how you make out.

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  4. Empower

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    Please do a lot of research on it

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