am i crazy?

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    I enjoy the chat room i have found a place to go wher they undrstand. This fog I have is awful and the pain is bad. Is there not something that can be done? This is when i wish i had my mother she always unstood everything and she would know how to comfort me in the pain and the deppresion i go through everyday. Sometimes I wonder if people will ever know what fibro does to you! It can make you fill retarted, because the words don,t come out right and then when u have one thing something else goes with it.It is enough to make a person go crazy!
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    hi my name is linda l only been on here 3 days now and l read your letter.and l would like to help you if l can.l have fibro as well and l know how hard it is to cope with this and have no one to talk to that understand it l would like it very much if you write back to me my e-mail is thanks hope to talk soon
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    I know someone who takes extra folic acid for foggy head, which i've heard help for FM. I am on Celexa and Depacote too, which causes foggy head, and i take omega 3 faty fish oil.
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    I just came across this site and feel very much at home. I was diagnosed with fibro about a year ago. Since then it's been ups and downs. I try to stay off any meds and control it using diet. Sometimes not much helps. Presently I'm working and the shift I'm on lets me get very little sleep.
    For some reason a regular sleep habit seems to affect my symptoms greatly. That's when one can sleep. Numbness in my hands often wakes me enough that there seems to be little point in trying. I feel for ya! The worse seems to be making others understand what you're going through. I often have bouts where my words come out jarbled. Is this a symptom? I thought it was just me! I do find Bran Flakes
    specifically Kellogs help drastically for energy. I'm uncertain whether it's just the fibre content or the Magnesium, Phosphorous content.Later.