am i depressed?

Discussion in 'General Health & Wellness' started by hickok, Feb 4, 2003.

  1. hickok

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    How do I find out if I am clinicly depressed? I have a feeling that I am, just from things I've read, and I know the way I've been feeling both mentaly, and physicly just isn't normal. I don't want to see a "shrink" just because of the run around they give, but I do want help. Any advise?


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    The best way to find out if you're depressed is to see a psychiatrist or at least a psychologist. They can give you help that you need.
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    If you're afraid of the BIG step of the 'P' doctor, try just a General Practictioner. Some are educated enough and can even perscribe meds for you. However, I suggest you TAKE responsibility for your meds. I've been on 6 antidepressants, and I analised my side effects, weighed them, and chose which one I liked. I didn't let the doctor mess my life up with jitters, insomnia, low sex drive, and other stuff. Get on the net and research ALL kinds of meds. May I say, I am on Celexa, which has the lowest side effects, and Several other people have changed becasue of my recommendation, too. But, you MUST not go off effexor cold turkey, don't drink ( I do a little, but it isn't recommended). Most take away your sex drive and/or make you gain like 15 pounds (celexa hasn't for me.) Keep a journal of how you feel, how you sleep, how the meds feel, some make you drowsy, and no one tells you to take them at night. GET educated and good luck!
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    why should u not come off effexor cold turkey! i'm on 375 effexor, 150 chlorpromazine, 400 tramadol and 600 lithium and am considering stoping them all as they dont seem to work email me at with any suggestions
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    I tried to ignore my depression for several years, and it only got worse. If you have several of the symptoms for depression, you probablay have it. There are different variatons of depression. Mine is catagorized as severe chronic depression, and I have been taking medication for it for years.

    For the most part, the medications work. If they don't, you just have to try another one until you get the right mix.

    Another thing that I did was to hide it from my parents. They had no idea that I was depressed until they got a call from the hospital saying that I had admitted after having a breakdown.

    My advise is: GET TO A GOOD PSYCHIATRIST! Then, TELL YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY! They can offer the support you're going to need to get through this.

    If you need someone to talk with, just drop me an e-mail at

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    First rule out physical causes. See an endocrinologist and have him/her check for low thryoid function. If it's really out of whack, you have your answer. It's the most common reason for low-grade (unspecified) depression. Since you don't feel right physically, all the more reason. Lethary, sluggishness, fatigue, depression, dry skin, thinning hair all all common symptoms of an easily detected, easily treated condition.