Am I feeling mums cancer?

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    Hi,....i'm new to the forum. I dont know where to look for help,...the doctor or a spiritualist.
    My mum has terminal cancer, she was diagnosed in October. Since then I have felt so poorly. My back pain mirrors where her tumors are. I feel fatigued beyond normal....which is also her biggest disability. I have all the symptoms that i've seen on CFS websites,....from weak legs and arms, dizziness, nausea, and needing way too much sleep.
    My mum and I have always been spiritual people.
    I'm terrified the doctor will tell me I am stressed, which I dont feel at all, or...barking mad thinking i'm feeling my mums cancer.
    Are CFS and empathy pains linked? Could my mums cancer have caused CFS?
    Please help if you have any advise, i'm driving myself nuts.
    JoannaRose. x
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    Hi JoannaRose,

    I just read about your dilemma of experiencing your mother's illness. Since this is affecting your health and energy, it suggests to me you have an energetic connection with your mother that needs to be cleared. There are numerous ways this could be done, but there's a spiritual technique that I've found to be very powerful and that I believe could help you significantly.

    To find out about this technique, you can start by watching a short 3-minute video which gives an initial description of it and how it can be helpful. It can be used by all people, no matter their religious or spiritual orientation. Please let me know if I can answer any questions you may have. Here's a link to the video: -

    All the Best, Wayne