am I getting closer to SSI approval??

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    I turnd in my first forms for SSI not quite a year ago.
    I also have a lawyer I have been using to check everything
    over before I send in forms so I dont screw anything up.
    couple of months later I was denied benefits. their reason was so incredible you could tell they had barely read my forms. so I filled out again and told them to reread my forms and to also see all the narcotic medication I take, etc etc. then I got call from one of my friends I had put down as a reference since she also use to be my boss. I also received the SAME form to fill out the first time!! I called Social and told the guy that so he said "ok" and he would wait for my friends form to arrive plus he said he was also waiting for some from my doctors. since they have contacted my friend-is this a good sign? Or I might be getting closer? I cant believe they keep sending in the same forms to the same doctors.
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    Are you still seeing your doctor(s)? You need to show that you are still having symptoms and that you are being treated for them. Be sure to mention your symptoms to your doctor at each visit and be sure he/she writes them down.
    You should also be sure that Social Security has any lab
    results that are abnormal. Additional diagnoses are also useful (I listed 5 on my disability application) but you have to have documentation for all of them. Also, you might want to fill out a functional disability form describing how difficult it is for you to do everyday activities. There is a form in one of Devin Starlanyl's books that I used. Lastly, write up a narrative descibing your medical condition from onset to the present time, and how it has affected you. Social Security will keep looking for additional information from your doctor and personal references if they don't have enough information to approve you for disability. Lastly, since you are using a lawyer, I think he/she should be more on top of this. Good luck.
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    Disability is a very flustrating thing to go through. I can not say whether your getting closer either. However I am also in the same boat. I have recieved the paperwork and so didn't my contact person. It is very hard to say one way or another what their decision will be. They have all the power in their hands and we are just to sit and wait to see what they think. I just want you to know your not alone and I wish you the best of luck. I hope your approved soon.
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    but I dont think the fact you take a lot of drugs makes any difference. Most of the time they think if you take the drugs that makes you better enough to work.

    In my case all the drugs I was perscribed I could not take because of adverse reactions and that was documented by the doctor.
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    i had my hearing on august 22 of this year. i just got my letter today that says im denied. im so upset and have been crying all day. im on so much medicine, my doctor has filled out everything, im on oxygen and tired and sick and fed up. my mother testified also and neighbors filled out papers. what else can be done?? good luck with yours and i hope your state is a bit easier than mine.