Am I having a flare?

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  1. I now I have a lot of conditions,fibro,oa,ra,osteoporosis,
    spondylolisthesis,sjogren's syndrome and costo and sciatica on and off. For the past few days I feel like I have something real bad that the drs. have not found. I am so extremely tired.Whenever I do anything physical I feel like I
    have run a marathon. By physical I do not mean major work, it could be very simple.When I get so tired I also get nauseous. Also my arms are very painful,and weak.
    Anyone with any ideas? I am very scared.

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  2. gb66

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    Maybe you're just extra tired from all the holiday work and stress. Have you had any bloodwork done at the doctor's recently.

    When I had extra fatigue, in addition to the CFS/FM, it was due to low sodium and potassium one time and thyroid/diabetes the next. Hope you feel better soon. GB66
  3. I did not do anything,nothing at all, for the holidays because
    of the way I feel.
    I did make an appt. for next week with my dr.Let's see what
    happens. Thanks again.
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    I deal with less than you and probably a lot older and any major work, forget it. I manage to do what I have to do, some cooking, market, dr's, laundry, etc....

    Some days I feel like I could use a hand, but gotta keep doing as much as I can as long as I can.

    I've never known what a flare is, but I guess it can be from getting cold for one thing....we've had chilly weather here in So. Cal. and I hurt so much more this winter....

    Probably everything in my body is much worse too, FM and OA and complications from a hip replacement....

    I do acupuncture and it does help with ALL PAIN and will probably do some Prolotherapy in my right knee soon....

    Don't take any of the conventional drugs for my stuff, all supplements and pain med and thyroid...oh BP too.
  5. I too do the bare essentials dragging myself to do them.
    I take rx for high blood pressure,Attarax for the stress hives that could drive me crazy,Plaquenil for the RA and when the pain is totally,totally unbearable I take pain med.I take a few supplements.
    I forgot to add scoliosis to my list.
    I am 67 years. My problems started at age 45 and from then on every time I turn around there is something else to add to the list. Thanks again.
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    do good with the abx therapy on the roadback foundation group...this abx was founded by a Dr. Brown who they mention a lot on that board....

    Avoid fluoride as much as possible, if you live in a city that fluoridates start by not ingesting tap water....that's a start....fluoride is in SO MUCH and causes so much damage to our bodies and joints.....jam
  7. the group you mentioned and yes we have fluoride in the water. I will also try and get as much info as possible on fluoride. Thanks.