Am I having a flare?

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  1. I now I have a lot of conditions,fibro,oa,ra,osteoporosis,
    spondylolisthesis,sjogren's syndrome and costo and sciatica on and off. For the past few days I feel like I have something real bad that the drs. have not found. I am so extremely tired.Whenever I do anything physical I feel like I
    have run a marathon. By physical I do not mean major work, it could be very simple.When I get so tired I also get nauseous. Also my arms are very painful,and weak.
    Anyone with any ideas? I am very scared.

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    Maybe you're just extra tired from all the holiday work and stress. Have you had any bloodwork done at the doctor's recently.

    When I had extra fatigue, in addition to the CFS/FM, it was due to low sodium and potassium one time and thyroid/diabetes the next. Hope you feel better soon. GB66
  3. I did not do anything,nothing at all, for the holidays because
    of the way I feel.
    I did make an appt. for next week with my dr.Let's see what
    happens. Thanks again.
  4. I too do the bare essentials dragging myself to do them.
    I take rx for high blood pressure,Attarax for the stress hives that could drive me crazy,Plaquenil for the RA and when the pain is totally,totally unbearable I take pain med.I take a few supplements.
    I forgot to add scoliosis to my list.
    I am 67 years. My problems started at age 45 and from then on every time I turn around there is something else to add to the list. Thanks again.
  5. the group you mentioned and yes we have fluoride in the water. I will also try and get as much info as possible on fluoride. Thanks.