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    4 last two days my stomach is bloated not hurting but jumpy like the feeling im scared really noisy real nervous feeling in stomach cant explain, then i get a panic attack but it seems to start in tummy anyone relate to tis thanks.
  2. vnr27

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    i never drink it but two days in a row i did also bcomplex sublingal thanks
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    Hi Val--

    I'll try to catch you this way instead of on the tailbone thread which you may not get back to. I was very interested on what you posted there about a tailbone injury and then having clear liquid drain out of the site later on. I thought that I was the only one that had experienced this---did you see a Doc for it? I fell on my tailbone at 14 trying to balance on a log and it hurt for months afterwards then quit. When I was 6 mos. pregnant at 17--the tailbone pain started again and a little hole opened up on my tailbone and started draining clear liquid---I was so stupid for not going to the Doc about this. I was taking Anacin like crazy for the pain! It eventually closed up before I had my child and I forgot about it. Just wanted to know if you had more info on your tailbone injury and if you got treated for it and think it could be causing some of your symptoms now. Thanx for listening and hope you reply cause this is really bugging me and I'm going to do some research on fractured coccyx(tailbone.) Cat