Am I in some of this by myself?

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    Hi, I am a 46 year old woman with Fibro. I have had it for about 5 or more years. I have all the normal stuff you hear about, feeling fluish, like youv'e been hit by a truck, can't sleep, muscle and joint pain. Daily neck,shoulder and lower back and hip pain. Does anyone have the following; I can't get warm this winter, chills all the time, temperture variations all the time, skin feels cool and clammy at times, severe acid reflux and other stomache problems. Feeling sick all over, like your dying from the inside out. Facial and head pain from severe tmj, problems with lower teeth and upper denture. Also my urine appears to be dark gold alot, blood work ok.The biggest question for you all is: I have problems in my throat, it is burny alot and I have secretions that stick in my throat I take prilosec 40 mg for acid reflux, it has not worked. My ent thinks it is acid reflux because my throat is red. I think it is from a ill fitting denture. Also my mouth is dry and sour alot. Sometimes I have problems eating because dryer foods stick to the secretions.
    I am glad I have found this site, has anyone had thier p.c. blame a unhappy life for thier fibro propblems? Hope the sun is shining for every one!!
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    Have taken prilosec which does help. If you do not have the head of your bed elevated you will never get better. I poo-pooed this for years because hubby did not want to be slidding down hill all the time. Well, I propped that puppy up about 1inch and it has been the number 1 answer to that burning that I used to awken with. Good luck.
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    To Judy
    I do not get awakened by that burn that gets you in the night. Maybe once a month. I also don't get it during the day. Just this burny tight sensation in my throat during the day. I also sleep somewhat elevated.
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    that you sleep elevated. I too get that burning in my throat at times. This is really very serious because if not treated properly. If it truly is acid reflux your med will kick in soon. Sounds like you have plenty of other things going on too. If you take motrin for pain it can cause the burning.
    I have a very difficult time sleeping too. Has you doc prescribed something for sleep? I take ambein every other night. Which helps to get good sleep at least 3 nights per week. This is such a common complaint. Deb you are not in this alone! there are many of us on this board. In fact, this morning as I prepared to get out of bed I was so stiff. I started feeling sorry for myself and then I thought of the many folks here on the board that were just as stiff as I. I said a prayer for all of us.
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    To Judy
    Thank you so much for responding. I have been on prilosec since october, went to 40 mg a month ago. The Ent Doctor wants me to take 40 mg in the am and the pm. My Gastro dosen't think it is acid reflux cause the prilosec hasn't worked, but he hasn't seen me. I do get a burning in my upper stomache in the am. I do not take any other meds there are always to many side affects for me. Thanks for the prayer and the advice. Deb
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    I can relate to the sick all over feeling, like your dying from the inside out. I have that ALL the time and it feels horrible. Sometimes I wonder if I have something more serious like cancer or something thats just not being diagnosed. I know thats just my anxiety kicking in. I go to another dr. in the morning and hopefully can find some relief.
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    I have acid reflux too and besides elavating your bed you can also try not eating three to four hrs before bed time. I also find that eating small frequent meals during the day helps. It seems when my stomach is empty for too long the acid upsets it and seems to churn. Hope you get some relief soon.

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    I don't have the stomach problems you describe, but I wanted to say Hi & welcome you because I can relate to a lot of your story!! I'm your age (46), had fibro almost the same length of time, and especially empathize with the never getting warm in the winter, temp. variations, etc. I have the neck & hip pain, too. I hope you get some good advice for the stomach/dental issues, I can't help there, but we have many folks here who can relate, I'm sure. I'm glad you found this site, too, it's a great resource for all of us!

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    Having dry eyes, dry mouth, (resulting in difficulty swallowing) dryness of any mucous membranes, temperature sensitivity COULD be (but not necessarily) symptoms of Sjogren's syndrome. Have you been tested??? FMS/MPS and Sjogren's make such a combination as my doctor tells me, sometimes what could help one syndrome aggravates the other!!!Well,it is just another challenge! Fondly June