Am I taking too many supplements??

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Rosiebud, Nov 8, 2005.

  1. Rosiebud

    Rosiebud New Member

    I think I might be taking too many supplements but dont know how to judge.

    I take: B6, B5, Bcomplex, Chromium, CoQ10, Flaxeed Oil,

    Evening Primrose Oil, Cod Liver Oil, Calcium,

    Glucosomine Sulphate, Garlic, Milk Thistle, Probiotic,

    Aloe Vera Juice, ZMA, Melatonin, Echinaecia tincture.

    oh, forgot and a Multi vitamin-mineral.

    I'm waiting on L-Carnitine and colloidal silver.

    Does anyone know if this is too much or where I can find out please.


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  2. jane32

    jane32 New Member

    I think you are fine. I am taking way more then that.
  3. Pianowoman

    Pianowoman New Member

    I take at least that many. I think it is very individual. You have to make decisions as to what works for you.


    LISALOO New Member

    There are some helpful web sites where you can find out what things you should take together, seperate. I don't have one handy though!
  5. tansy

    tansy New Member

    Hi Rosie

    I take more supps and alternatives than this. atm if I cease taking any of my current ones I soon find out how much they're still needed; however, with some I can now get by with lower doses.

    Instead of taking a multi vit and min I now use spirulina and chlorella which provide lots of goodies and helps with detoxing generally. So I taking vits and mins in addition which is giving me the opportunity to find the best doses and ratios. These algeas can stimulate the immune system; I have to be careful with supps or herbs that do this, but my natural immune modulators seems to have prevented problems so far.

    love, Tansy
  6. Rosiebud

    Rosiebud New Member

    Jane, Kathy, Lisa and Tansy

    I'll continue then, sometimes I find it hard swallowing them all.

    Tansy, I'll check out the spirulina and chlorella, never heard of them.



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