am I the only one who sleeps "tight" or rigid?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by daylilyfan, Sep 1, 2003.

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    For years and years (25+) I would wake in the night and find I was sleeping with all my muscles really rigid - with them all tight. I would have no problem falling asleep. But, I would wake many times in the night, sometimes more than once an hour, even for a few minutes, and be able to go back to sleep. But, after a few minutes asleep, I would be "tight". My Ex used to say it was like sleeping next to a board. So, in the morning I would be so sore. I had a lower back injury from falling down an old canal bed when riding a horse when I was 17, and have suffered from muscle spasms ever since. That accident was when I think I got the FM.

    Anyway, this "sleeping tight" has become worse through the years. About 3 years ago, I happened to mention it to my family Dr. and she put me on flexeril at night. Wow, what a difference. Wasn't quite enough to really do the trick, but it helped. Was sent to Rhueumy 6 months ago for broken foot pain that would not go away. Rheumy asked about all sorts of things! She was great.
    Rheumy asked about sleep and I told her how when I wake in the night, I am all tense and rigid. I think it was one of the things that led her to the FM diagnosis. Now I take a lot more Flexeril, and rarely wake in the night, and when I do, I am not tight at all.

    Massage therapist I went to a year or so ago also helped me by having me develop a relaxation routine before going to sleep, trying to train my muscles to relax. Also tried to train me to "feel" again... as I had been in pain for so long she felt I had lost the ability to feel any joy in touching things. It helped some, but not enough for me to want to give up the Flexeril.

    When I slept "tight" a normal night's sleep was 4 or if I was lucky, 5 hours. Now, I am getting 7-9.

    Do any of you have this problem? I've not seen it mentioned here before. I have seen people mention waking a lot at night, but not with muscles all tight.
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    Yes, I used to sleep like that (if you want to call that 'sleep').

    But since I started taking magnesium, I don't have that problem anymore.

    I take ZMA (zinc, magnesium, and vitamin B-6), at 9pm, and a 1 1/2 milligram of Melatonin before bed. I also take Xanax (0.25 mgs), at 7pm for racing brain syndrome.

    But its the ZMA that stopped the tightness and helped my muscles relax, it also seemed to have cured my RLS too.

    I also take Pro Energy, (Malic Acid and Magnesium Glycinate) in the morning and for before lunch. It has calmed me down in many ways, along with that tense body during sleep.

    My husband used to say I would have my hands clutched so tight that my fingers were white on the knuckles, and my back as stiff as a board. Now I am relaxed and sleep for 7-8 hours a night.

    Glad you found something to help you too, its a miserable not to be able to relax.

    Shalom, Shirl
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    This is exactly the way I sleep--tight as a drum. I'm so glad that you brought this subject up. What exactly is flexeril? Is it a narcotic or addicting? I'm on Ambien for sleep at present but it doesn't seem to help with the tensed up feeling. I have anxiety disorder also and I was thinking the other day that I just cannot relax--not even in sleep. Hope to get a reply, Cat
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    is a muscle relaxer. I think it is also a mild anti depressent? Not sure about that. But I think it is most often prescribed as a muscle relaxer. My Dr. has my prescription reading take 1-5 tablets at bedtime as needed. They are 10mg. I have asked 3 different type Dr's and they all say it's not habit forming, non addictive, and won't have long term damage to any organs. The Rheumy who prescribed it at this dose said for me to take one as needed during the day but not to take more than 5 in 24 hours. I have found 2 at bedtime does it for me.

    Shirl, I think I may look into your supplements. I take a multi vitamen/mineral and an extra B complex, and an extra 500 mg of C. But that's it. I have been trying to understand all the stuff on this board about supplements, but it's hard to comprehend, there are so many ideas and so on.
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    I would tighten up all over as soon as I got in bed and supposedly relaxed. This prevented sleep for so long. I'd relax and try to stay that way but the minute my mind wandered, I'd tighten up again. I'm taking 400 mgs. of magnesium glyconate just before bed and I'm getting a wonderful 7-8 hours sleep, finally.

    It wasn't just at bedtime, though. I tighten up like a board when driving. I don't do much of it anymore because I've been so fatigued that I know I'm not safe, but I'm starting to feel better now, with some of the advice from this board, so I'll try to remember to notice if I still do it when I drive next time.

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    I'm also one of those who sleeps tight. And I also take Flexeril. Usually one and one half or two tablets at night. It does help somewhat. I still wake up a couple of times; without the flexeril I would be waking up every hour. I think if I had my own bed I'd be better. My husband and I are both pretty big people and our bed is too small for us; plus he snores and thrashes around so it's not the most conducive environment for good sleep.

    Good wishes,
  7. Solstice

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    Me too.
    It can be exhausting. Wake up feeling like being run over by a truck. And not good sleep.
    It is worse if I get cold at night.
    I am definately going to try the magnesium as two people here have suggested. I have done flexaril in the past, but it really makes me feel too groggy, even the next day, but it helps when nothing else works.
    I would suggest a few things that have also helped, heat as in the form of a heating pad or electric blanket, or my latest source.....a rice bag that I put in the mircrowave before bed.
    Two, a bite splint for those who have the tight jaw. This helps alot. Have to see your dentist about this.
    Third, I use CD's right before going to sleep that are guided imagery that are very relaxing. Just got a new one called Healthful Sleep by BellaRuth. Listened to it last night for the first time. I always fall asleep during the Cd's but it doesn't matter..........the message is still getting to the brain. I slept better last night with the use of the CD Healtful Sleep, and this morning felt PLEASANT! Wow. I'll be trying that one again! But the magnesium also sound very helpful.
    Thanks everyone!