Am I well?

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  1. woofmom

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    This is day 5 of feeling great. I am dumbfounded. I can't believe that my brain is healing. I thought I'd have chemical sensitivities and be extremely tired for the rest of my life. I feel better than I have in years. It feels as though heavy weights have been lifted off my shoulders. I pray that it lasts. I'm so excited that I could SCREEEEEEEEEEEAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    doing that seems to have help?
  3. julieisfree05

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    I went through months of feeling well over the fourteen years that I was ill (now I'm virtually symptom free).

    One thing I learned quickly was that when I did have periods of feeling well, I would try to make up for the time that I hadn't been able to do much.


    If you are truly getting well (and I pray that you are!), taking it easy will not hurt you. If this is just an "up" period, overdoing it can cause you to crash/flair.

    Pacing myself was one of the most important things I was taught at the FM program at Cedars-Sinai. I still try to keep my life as balanced as possible, even though I've been free of symptoms for about a year (thanks to Xyrem!)

    Good luck!

    - julie (is free!)
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    I know that I still have to stay away from aspartame and msg. And I can't be overly exposed to perfume and other fragrances. I think I juggled some neurotransmitters and caused them to awaken or form new ones. It happened when I was bent over washing my dog and pulling weeds. I actually felt something going on in my head. That nite my BP jumped around like crazy. But the next morning it felt as though a veil was lifted from my head. Miracles are possible. I also stay away from medicine, except for benadryl ocasssionaly. I take supplements, including turmeric.
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