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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by misspammie, Mar 9, 2003.

  1. misspammie

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    Hello All,
    My name is Pam an i have not really been fully diagnosed with Fibro yet.Have one doctor saying yes you have it these are your trigger points. Then my family doctor says no that i have something similar to it. So confusing but with my good friend crazyvickie,my aunt an MOM with it they have helped a great deal. It is so stressful when i can't do what i am used to at times for i am in so much pain. An my moods have been so terrible. My sweety that i live with has been so good helping me. He trys so hard to understand me. One minute i am in such a depressed mood all i do is cry an other times i want to bite heads off.
    My aunt gave me a heating pad mattress pad an it helps some. I also try to sleep with pillows between knees but then its hard to snuggle with your loved one. Just wanted to stop in an babble bout my hurts an think i did it pretty good. So will close for now. Thank you for letting me share.
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    I know how it is to go to a dr and come away not knowing any more than you did when you went in. Don't give up. I have known that I had something wrong with me for 30+ years. I finally got a diagnosis this past winter. I wanted to give up so many times but my 2nd husband kept pushing me to find out what the problem was. I am glad that I finally have gotten a diagnosis, I can now learn how to live with it even though it is going to be hard. So don't give up. Keep pushing the dr. Don't let them push you around. Stay strong and good luck.
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    Welcome, I am glad to hear that you have an understanding partner. Its very important. I lived in considerable pain for five years and was finally diagnosed in June of 2002. I also have terrible exhaustion and depression. I am now seeing 3 different doctors one for the fibro one for depression and another for pain management. It seemed that i had tried everything to help with the pain. I finally found some relief in oxycontin which is a strong narcodic pain medication. I know how you feel about the mood swings too. At times all I want to do is be left alone and sometimes we say things that we don't mean just because we are fed up and in considerable pain. Hopfully you will find a way to cope with all that your going through and Welcome to the board. Its helped me alot just to be able to talk to others who understand what we are going through when friends and family don't. Best wishes to you

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    I am so happy i have heard from someone that is goun thru what i am. I just want to give up most of the time but no one will let me. I am glad this way i can see my grandkids grow up. Go to the drs tomorrow so HOPE i can get some answers. All my dr. says that i am full of arthritis an thats why i hurt so. If it is then give me something for it. I have been like this at least 4 yrs an it is hard. but soon hope to know soon.

  5. Tattoopixie

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    Hi, am glad you joined us. I hope you get some pain meds from your Dr this next time. Please be sure to get sleep meds too if that is an issue for you. It may be that you have 'Myofacsial Pain' instead of FMS - they are closely related. I would suggest you get some books from the library, such as Devin Starlynal's on MPS/FMS Survival Guide. Please feel free to come here to vent & ask questions. The girls & guys here are very wonderful & supporting. I am glad to hear that your sweety supports you in your DD. I have 2 wonderful sons that help me at home & a very supportive family (even when they are in denial-lol). Take care!
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    Hello Pixie
    I am so glad that i have been able to meet some nice people on here an just talking helps you through alot. No sleeping so far has been no problem. In fact i sleep to much. Did not get to drs today as planned for my car died. So i have to reschedule my appointment. Yes i do need pain pills. But so far only gives me muscle relaxers. Is that normal? He also put me on antidepressant. Hope this finds you well.


    P.s I will ask dr if i would have myofacial pain? somrthing to checkout. If anyone would like to e-mail me its
  7. Shirl

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    So nice to have both of you with us. Misspammie, you just keep behind that doctor to give you a diagnosis.

    Ellcess is is great having you with us, and that you finally got diagnosed.

    I know it was such a relief to know that what we have, at least has a name.

    Hope we hear from both of you often, and Misspammie, keep trying to use that pillow between your knees, its very important for your back. If you don't support it, the pain will be worst.

    So glad you got the mattress heating pad, the are really great for the night pain and morning stiffness.

    Take care, and please post often.

    Shalom, Shirl
  8. misspammie

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    Hi There,
    Thank You for your welcome. crazyvickie put me into this site an just love it. So easy to babble bout our hurts an pains when someone understands. My sweety does up to certain point. puts up with lot from me. Oh i keep getting on my doctor for like all i would love to know for sure whats up with me. Today has been pretty good day. Thank you all so much.