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    I am so scared am having real bad heart and low blood pressure .One minute my pulse can be 132 the next goes as low as 52 bpm also blood pressure 105/55 then as low as 68/38 today it was 77/41 i mrang my doc and told him that i feel i am dyi ying and not enough blood going around my body i feel so ill sleepy all the time to doc thinks its anxiety. please any advice would be so appreciated love dolphin3
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    Hi, I don't know about your symptoms, but if it were me, I would check with a good internist ASAP; you can refer yourself to one these days thankfully (if in USA at least).

    If these fluctuations are happening quite quickly, I'd go to the ER even, depending on your other symptoms and how rapidly it's occurring. Too often doctors quickly write off many people, especially women, as 'just' having symptoms of anxiety.

    But imho I don't see how abnormally low BP can be anxiety! Nor the fluctuations. In my experience, when my BP drops, my pulse increases to make up for the difference.

    Do you have lyme..... or cf or fm........ or ---? Lyme can cause low pulses and BP. So can not getting enough salt....... also adrenal problems. Likely there's other possibilities as well, such as medications side effects or interactions.

    Hope you find a good doctor quickly and get some answers.

    All the best,

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