Am Very Sick--Don't Know What's Wrong--HELP !

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by catgal, Aug 26, 2003.

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    Hello Everyone~~Besides being in an FM/CFS flare, I have had very bad pelvic/stomach pain which has also thrown my degenerative disc disease (DDD) into a painful flare especially in my lower back. I had been taking diflucan for thrush, antibiotics for strep, sinus & kidney infection, then got a yeast infection from the antibiotics. Started using a cream for the yeast infection and stopped the antibiotics but finished the difulcan for the thrush.

    I feel so weak, tired, and sleepy all the time, run a fever whenever I get up and around, the pelvic/stomach pain feels like inflammation and hurts. I've missed alot of work over the past three weeks and am stressed about losing my job. Am missing work today. Went to work yesterday, but got so sick I had to leave at 2 in the afternoon. Came home, took a percocet for the pain, and went to sleep. Woke up this morning and tried to get ready for work, but felt like a rag doll--so weak, tired, sleepy, sick, with pain in stomach/pelvic area, spiked a fever--so called in sick again, and went back to bed. Asthma and sinus infection has kicked in again--and just feel so sick all over that I don't know what is wrong. So sleepy.

    Am trying to get in to see my physician who is 34 miles away, and have to find someone to drive me. I feel so bad that all I want to do is sleep--as though my body is demanding complete bedrest. I dose off for a while and wake up sweating and feverish. So weak.

    Any ideas what this could be? Had to stop taking the antibiotics because of yeast infection, but strep & thrush are gone. Am continuing to take cream for yeast infection and meds for chronic back pain (DDD), but feel so ill and weak, dizzy & spike miserable fever when I stand or move around. Stomach/pelvic pain which starts in mid-section and goes clear to right side. No real nausea, but feel queasy.

    Any ideas, suggestions, or help would be greatly appreciated as I am home alone.

    Blessings to All, Carol....
  2. IgotYou

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    Definitely see your doctor as soon as you can, and sleep all you want. Your body is overwhelmed and needs to rest, and you probably need some pharmaceutical help to do it. If you go to work you'll just drain away your healing energy and you won't get better. Are you eating right?
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    hi honey so sorry you are so sick. i have a few q's for you if your up to it. they are kind of personal so if you would like to e-mail me feel free, ok.
    how old are you?
    are u in menopause?
    last gyn exam?

    stuff like that. i felt that way when my ovaries were shot.
    it just drained me and the pain was really bad.
    please get to the dr asap.
    please let us know how you are
    good luck hugs and prayers kim
    opps my e-mail is in my profile
  4. GooGooGirl

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    Your stomach pain could be appendicitis, especially it it is more on the right side and you are running a fever. Please get to the doctor or hospital as soon as you can.
  5. pinkquartz

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    i think you are worn out .

    the way you are sounds how I was all the time before I stopped in a complete collapse.

    Please find a way to see your doctor.

    I can only send you love and hugs.

    I am sorry you are feeling so bad, is it possible you still have a different infection? otherwise this sounds like your body is in total freakout, and needs to rest.
    i know you need to work but if your body needs to rest then what?
    i still shudder at how hard i pushed myself.
    take care,
  6. monicacat

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    I agree with GooGooGirl, it could be appendicitis. Get yourself to the ER right away, don't take any chances.

  7. catgal

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    "Thank You" so much for your quick responses. I am alone and feel so sick. Kimkane, I am 54, had a hysterectomy when I was 30, and had a pelvic exam two months ago which showed a yeast infection due to taking antibiotics for sinus infection back then, but had finished the antibiotics before exam (everything else was fine on the exam). Used a cream to get rid of that yeast infection. Later on, had to take antibiotics again for sinus, kidney, and strep infections and difulcan for thrush. Got that cleared up, but got yeast infection again from antibiotics and am still using cream for yeast infection.

    I take premarin for menopausal symptoms.

    The pelvic/stomach pain just sits there hurting or gets worse in waves from time to time especially if I get up and around. Had a high fever yesterday at work, got so sick I was completely out of it, and had to go home. I know the pelvic/stomach pain is aggrivating the degenerative disc disease in my back--especially lower back--and that pain is only made bearable by the pain meds I take for it. My head feels so congested, dizzy, and fogged up that I can't stay focused or hold my head up too long. Have to lay down. My body feels so weak, exhausted, and sick that all it wants to do is sleep. My hands are peeling all over, and I wonder if I'm dehydrated? I feel like I'm drinking plenty of fluids though. But right kidney is sore in back. Stomach/pelvic pain radiates straight over to front right side. I feel chilled to the bone, have a fever, then feel very hot and sweat--and this cycle keeps repeating itself.

    My physician is on vacation, and he is the only one familiar with all my ailments and meds.

    The only relief I get is when I take an extra percocet, and that relieves all the pain for about 3 to 4 hours--then it's right back again.

    I feel so light-headed and faint. So weak, tired, and very, very sleepy. Am alone and don't know what to do except take a pain pill and go lay down and sleep--that's the only way I feel better.

    I truly appreciate your responses. I don't expect you all to fix me, but reading your caring and concerned responses helps more mentally and emotionally than I can express. God bless you for your kindness. Carol....
  8. tandy

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    I could very well be wrong but your pain and everything is saying to me: either kidney(infection or stone)or appendicitis` I had this same pain...and I waited it out thinking maybe a stone because I had them before.Finally after a few hrs of this and feeling worse or worn out(both!)Stubborn me went to the ER.It was my appendix and I had to go into emergency surgery. I remained in the hospital for 5 days....eeeek! I felt the pulse was rapid too.` sweaty one minute then chills,nausea(no vomiting)etc...... please keep us posted. We'll be thinking of you~ :) hugs, Tracey
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    Pinkquartz~~I know you are right about being worn out. I have felt that way for over a year, and that is one of the reasons I have missed so much work over the past year. I am totally, completely exhausted and my immuine system is shot to hell. Because I have a very demanding job at work in which I try to cram 5 days work into 3--I literally kill myself every week. Going at such a pace plus having severe asthma/allergies, degenerative disc disease which is extremely painful and really lays me out, osteoarthritis, psoriatic arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, IBS, FM & CFS.

    My mate is constantly telling me that I am worn out. Infact, he used those very words this morning before he left for work, and I was trying to get ready for work. He says if he had to work with all those ailments & flares that he just couldn't do it--and he's a hyper man with tons of energy. He told me this morning I needed to go in the hospital, get everything checked out and taken care of, and then take a year off to just rest and get my health back. But, finances are a major issue. He says I should just have my employer lay me off or go ahead and fire me so I can draw unemployment while I file for disability. But it is so hard to give up a job I love, the necessary income, and wait possibly years for disability that may or may not be approved. But, yes....I have been worn out for a long time, and my body is a wreck. You hit the nail on the head. I'm so worn out that my body just won't go anymore. I'm 54, have worked all my life with these ailments, and when the degenerative disc disease hit me three years ago--that did me in. it hurts to live.

    Layinglow~~thank you for all the information, and when I get to where I can function enough to check into it--I will. I've had to take so many antibiotics over the past three years for one infection after another only to have adverse affects from the antiobiotics. I've thought in my mind that it is all the antibiotics that I've had to take the past couple of months that has caused this pelvic/stomach inflammation or whatever it is. I appreciate you taking the time to write all that out. I will definitely run this page off and look into it.

    Thanks all of you. You are a Godsend. Carol...
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    I have problems with recurring yeast infections, not only pelvic, but throughout my body. Diflucan didn't cut it for me, as I usually had to take 2-3 to get rid of it. It also caused stomach pain!

    I believe a lot of the "fog" I feel can be attributed to overproduction of Candida and eating too much carbohydrates. I was able to get rid of most of the yeast by starting Atkins. I discontinued sugar (which is yeast's favorite food) and most processed flour, and the Candida problems just went away.

    There are some herbal supplements called Yeast Fighters that I take occasionally if I feel the beginnings of the yeast returning.

    Regardless, with the pain you are feeling, I think a doctor visit is warranted. Maybe a second opinion if you feel unsatisfied. There are doctors who specifically treat yeast overgrowth out there, too.
  12. pinkquartz

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    i do understand how you want to stay working i really really do.

    i am here if you ever want to post me a message.....and i think the probiotics are a good idea i always forget how necessary they are after the antibiotics.

    am thinking of you
  13. monicacat

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    I'm surprised that you didn't mention the possibility of appendicitis.

    If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it might be a duck.

    I had appendicitis and I had the exact symptoms.

  14. Spoonerpaws

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    I have found that antibiotics do me more harm than good

    I took erythromycin after a tooth was pulled AND COULD NOT GET MYSELF OUT OF BED - It took me about three weeks to recover from the antibiotic therapy

    I think it destroys the good bacteria in your stomach - I started eating plain yogurt to try to restore my stomach back to good health
  15. darlamk

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    Have you been tested for West Nile? I live in SD and we are really piling up the cases here! Take care Carol, you have had such a rough time these past few months expecially! My thoughts and prayers are with you.......
  16. mamacilla

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    my daughter had your symptoms a few years ago
    and it was appendicitis. her surgery was at 11pm
    and the surgeon said she was his 3rd of the day,
    and that was in a relatively small city. please
    get checked out asap! & btw, have you ever been checked
    for epstein barr virus? the pelvic pain has nothing
    to do with it, but the rest sounds possible.

    also lyinglow, is berberine complex available in
    health food stores?