Amalgam illness, mercury poisoning, cfs, fibro etc

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    Hi All,

    I know there's been posts about mercury previously but I wanted to post that I have just been reading the book Amalgam Illness by Dr Cutler. I had already been following the chelation to rid my body of mercury but the informtation in the book really does suggest that so many people's incurble illnesses such as cfs and fibro are caused by mercury poisoning.

    It's got so much great info - about supplements, how mercury interferes with thyroid, adrenals, a bit on how it diturbs the methylation cycle, stops us from detoxing correctly, affects the liver, aches, pains, emotions and much more. Mercury also has a strong affinity for the hypothalamus and pituitary. It describes me perfectly and I'm sure many others! Its a scientific, chemistry approach, not one that could be made up and so many children with autism have got better too it just proves how much of an effect it can have on our bodies.

    If all of us have problems with our pituitary and hypothalamus perhaps we should start by looking at what caused that to mess our body systems up.

    It all makes perfect sense and so many of the 'incurable illnesses such as ms, lupus, autism, cfs, fibro, psychiatric disorders etc may be caused by mercury.

    This book is more than just about chelation using the right supplements - it really does have a bunch of info and it all adds up.

    I've only completed 3 rounds of DMSA so will post when I have done a few more as hard to tell right now what's happening. I start ALA in 3 months which is the big chealtor that draws the mercury from your brain and will eventually get rid of the emotional sides of this DD.

    I have joined the chelation group and so many people have had success when they have followed it correctly and taken the right supplements with it that I am going to persevere with this.

    Mercury is something I had always suspected and thought of but there are so many things that suggest it could be - like thyroid etc and they are all correct in my case but when you go back step by step and look at what also caused that - it all becomes clear that it was a dentist and something humans invented - amalgams that caused me to get all these problems which would explain why our bodies can't heal as it's a manmade problem - not something we would naturally get in nature.

    Whatever you do - if you decide not to have your amalgams replaced safely then please don't have anymore put in!

    People can get mercury poisoning not just from fillings but many other things with all the pollutants we put in the sea for example.

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  2. frosty77

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    While I agree that mercury is toxic, I still disagree that it causes FM - I had FM long before I had any fillings or other sources of mercury. Many people are born with these diseases and no mercury link has been found. Plus these diseases existed long before mercury was used.
  3. clerty

    clerty New Member

    after having them removed !!! took a few years but they are better I am having mine all removed I dont care what people say when you are ill you will try anything to get better.

  4. fkm

    fkm New Member

    I too have been tempted with the idea that amalgam could be a possible culprit. I even recently got a mercury toxicity test (Mayo clinic do a test for this - look for markers for possible toxicity/damage eg porphyrins etc). Though my mercury levels were slightly above the norm, nothing remarkable arose from the result.

    At the end of the day, whilst many anecdotes will testify to the merits of amalgam removal, the majority of quality medical studies or reviews have found no link between amalgam and CFS. Even the countries who have banned its use eg norway have done so with regard to environmental concerns rather than health ones.

    Personally, I certainly won't get anymore amalgam put in. When my symptoms are very bad, I'm also sometimes keen to get the ones I have replaced thinking, what do I have to lose. But I do recognise that the big studies done eg epidemiological studies vs. retrospective studies (with a likely high placebo component) simply don't seem to support an association.

  5. JoFMS

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    Thanks all for your posts, maybe I didn't make it clear - yes I agree there are other heavy metals too.

    Just having amalgams removed won't cure you, you have to chelate it out of your body for many yrs using the right methods. Mercury stays in your body a very long time.

    Iodine - I have used in the past but haven't started it again recently.

    All combined problems are causes but if you do have mercury in you to some degree then this can actually stop you getting better in the first place as there is no way of getting it out of ur system unless chelation is used. I belive mercury and heavy metals is what stops us from healing.

    If anyone else has read the book Amalagam Illness, I would love to hear from them as it's very difficult to judge unless u have followed the protocol or read the book and research.
  6. acer2000

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    Actually there have been a number of studies out of the University of Washington done on Dentists that show that somewhere near 20% of the population has a much harder time clearing merucry than everyone else. Its on the CPOX gene. Google James Woods and Mercury. In those people they studies who had these gene, they had more subjective symptoms of fatigue, cognitive problems, depression, etc.. than then people who didn't.
  7. fkm

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    This is the thing with studies on amalgam, there will always be some that find positive or negative correlations. For instance, I have seen some studies performed on dentists but no symptoms of fatigue were ever found. I will try to find the article you mention regarding CpoX gene.

    Mind you, even if an association were ever found with dentists, the dentist population does not reflect the general population. The largest release of ethyl mercury occurs on restoration and removal. Hence, dentists are exposed to much higher doses on a daily basis than someone who has X fillings receiving mercury vapours from chewing etc.

    Lastly, I think it is important to clear up some misconceptions about chelation. Believe it or not, the body is pretty good at exreting mercury itself (we have been eating fish for a long time!). With amalgam removal, Mercury has a half life of around 88 days in plasma (meaning takes 88 days for mercury levels to fall by half). Once this level falls, tissue levels will also begin to decline.

    Best of luck to all!

  8. fkm

    fkm New Member

    You hit it on the head there. It's so tempting to try to pin all the symptoms down to one thing - whether it's Lyme, Amalgam, Adrenal fatigue/Cortisol etc...

    However, the reality is that it is increasingly likely that there are multiple genetic and biochemical pathways involved that converge to produce the syndrome. For each individual, some pathways will be more involved than others, thus producing the differences in symptoms among patients.

    To this end, these pathways reflect the futility in looking for a magic bullet etc despite how appealing this attraction can be to you and I. The fact is the only treatment that has shown any benefit under reputable scientific conditions has been CBT and graded exercise.

    On the other hand, I have not doubt that we will eventually get to the root cause! The CDC studies a while back have started to highlight the genetic discrepancies among CFS patients. Further studies will only likely lead to possible pharmaceutical treatments, possibly tailored for CFS patient subsets.
  9. Waynesrhythm

    Waynesrhythm Member

    Hi jofms,

    I have come to believe that clay foot baths can pull heavy metals out of the body. I also tend to think it's one of the safest, easiest, effective and inexpensive ways of doing so. I started a thread on some of my experiences entitled:

    <a href="">Detoxification Clay / Clay Foot Baths Work Well for Me</a>

    A notable post on this thread was made by Cherylsue after doing her second clay foot bath...

    "I noticed after emptying the water, that on the bottom of the pan there was black grit mixed in with the soft grey clay. This is supposed to be a good sign that the mercury came out of my pores and combined with the clay. I was supposed to watch for this."

    I get my clay from a company called evenbetternow. The founder of this company claims to have cured herself of CFS and IC by primarily focusing on detoxification measures. I also buy a product from this place called Bio-Chelate. Can't say how well it works, but I tend to trust this website and the information they have to offer. They have a lot of information on detoxification measures to improve all types of neurological conditions.

    I think there's something else to consider about mercury and heavy metals. Many of us with ME/CFS, etc. have very reactive neurological systems, and can easily be overwhelmed by odors, noises, etc. I suspect that our neurological response to mercury and heavy metals can also be a significant factor in some of our disabling symptoms, probably apart from the toxicities that are so well documented. The combination of these two factors may be why many of us are so vulnerable to amalgams and other heavy metal exposures.

    To those who mention or infer there is no magic bullet for what ails us; I wholeheartedly concur. Varying combinations of factors in each individual will likely require many different treatment approaches, both conventional and alternative.

    Regards, Wayne
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  10. dragon06

    dragon06 New Member

    I have had FM since I was could I have possibly had mercury poisoning at 3?
  11. tansy

    tansy New Member

    have shown that CBT and GET do not work for well defined ME/CFS patients; in fact they can often make them worse.

    Scientific studies have highlighted the reasons why GET, and inappropiate graded activity programmes, make patients worse too.

    One of the reasons the Canadian Concenus, put together by a team of International specialists, is not being accepted worldwide is because it does not support the claims for success by those who promote CBT and GET as the only scientifically proven Tx for ME/CFS.

    As one UK based GP pointed out in a rapid reply to the British Medical Journal - there is a lack of "critical reading" of the papers that promote CBT and GET as scientifically proven. Very often the numbers they quote do not match their published Results nor their interpretations of them. When referring to other published papers they quote those written by their like minded colleagues and ignore the studies that contradict them.

    CFS has unfortunately come to be used as a dustbin Dx by many doctors. The CDC's construct of CFS was then watered down further so it's neither helpful to the medical profession nor the patient community.

    It helps to know and understand the history of ME and CFS because it explains why good quality research keeps being ignored by the promoters of CBT and GET. In some ways this is a shame because they have given CBT a bad name.

    As for the mercury issue: would a new application for the use of a known neurotoxin be accepted? There are dentists who do not like being in contact with amalgams let alone putting it in patients' mouths where they will eventually break down.

    tc, Tansy
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  12. dragon06

    dragon06 New Member

    I am certain I I do not have mercury would have come up in my 30 years tests.

    I do not think that mercury poisoning causes FM or CFS...exacerbates it maybe but not causes it.

    This is something that would have come up as common enough in patients to follow.
  13. Waynesrhythm

    Waynesrhythm Member

    Hi Dragon06,

    You might find Rich Carson's (founder of ProHealth) mercury detox story to be of interest.

    <a href="">Rich Carson’s Mercury Detox Story</a>

    I don't want to put words in his mouth, but I seem to remember that he felt he determined his CFS was caused by mercury toxicity, and chelating it from his system brought his health back to about 80%.

    I think any one (or more) of a variety of triggers can initiate the downward spiral of ME/CFS/FM. It seems underlying genetic and other vulnerabilities is why some people succumb to these triggers and others don't.

    Regards, Wayne
  14. JoFMS

    JoFMS New Member

    Thanks all for your replies. For some that may think mercury doesn't cause us problems, the FDA have now at least recognised it with the vapours and removing amalgam fillings unsafely and even when chewing may be harmful etc:

    "The FDA now admits that mercury vapor is released during chewing on an amalgam filling and also when the silver fillings are placed and removed from the teeth.

    Because silver amalgam fillings contain mercury, the FDA website declares these fillings could have neurotoxic effects on the nervous systems of developing fetuses and children."

    Mnay dentists - mine included are part of a metal free dentistry group and keep updated on latest research. Dentists who remove amalgams safely and who won't put any in are also cautious for their own health.

    Andrew B - thanks for the info on aminos, I take L-glutamine but am going to try others again too.

    Iodine - I was taking an iodine supplement but it contained kelp (again concerned about mercury) so I am trying to source lugols but its difficult as I live in SA.

    If your mother had amalgam fillings, this can be passed on to the foetus, also perhaps had some dental work done during pregnanacy. I have recently found out that yrs ago some dentists used to routinely take the amlagams out and clean and then put them back in - this happened to my mother.

    Also vaccines are another source and is researched a lot during autism. I had no childhood vaccines but I did strt to have vaccines at the age of 18yrs so many factors may contribute even if you dont have amalgams.

    Anchorholds - ALA is used as a chelating agent to remove mercury from the brain so according to the book if you are taking ALA for other purposes they advise against it if you are mercury toxic as it can move mercury all over the body and make you incredibly sick so you have to use it at the appropriate time and as a chelating agent rather thatn anything else.

    Removing mercury from the body is possible with other chelating agents but it's removing it form the brain that is the difficult part. DMSA and DMPS won't do that and I don't know other herbal or alternative methods that do? The brain part is the most crucial and I wonder if that's whats meant by the differing half lifes as it may be referring to teh body rather than brain.

    Removing mercury from the brain is the only thing for mercury toxic people to ensure it gets out of their CNS, hypothalamus and pituitary hich causes many of our disturbances if you are mercury toxic.

    Here is another excerpt from the book about exercise in Amalgam Illness:

    "Exercise mobilizes mercury and is not always good for you if you are mercury toxic. Exercise is stress, and there is a particular physiological response to stress that is messed up in most mercury toxic people - cortisol goes down instead of up like it's supposed to. So you can release adrenaline and feel really good while you are active but then crash afterwards and take a long time to recover. Depending on how sick you are this can be from hours to days. Moderation is doingexercise in small enough bits that you dont get this 'crash' after it. No inability to think, no being woozy with allergy symptoms."

    Tests - be careful with as there can be many inaccuracies. I myself have had many 'alternative tests' for mercury. Some of which have been positive and some negative.

    One of the reasons I know I am mercury poisoned is because I had a loose amalgam filling once and could taste a metallic taste and the dentist said my filling had been leaking. But the main thing is when I had 4 of my filings removed unsafely but 2 weeks apart wihtout knowing the dangers, the very next day I went into a hysterical, high anxiety and suicidal mode for no reason whatsoever and haing crying fits.

    Since having my amalgam fillings replaced - my gums have also healed after a couple of weeks - they used to bleed frequently for yrs no matter how much I cleaned or flossed or went to see the oral hygienist. Now they don't bleed at all - this is another symptom of mercury poisoning.

    Sorry this is so long, I hope I haven't made my posts sound too harsh or implying that everyone has mercury poisoning - I just want to help some of those that may be able to recover and also to poss prevent probs such as alzheimers later in life - my aunt has this very bad and it's only a shame we didn't know what we do today.

    There's so much more to it but it's something to consider. I'll keep people updated with progress.

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