Amalgam (mercury) fillings - radio show talk

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    I thought I would share this communication I sent and reply I received, seeing that it has been a topic on this board on and off.

    Subject: Re: amalgam fillings - segment on radio today

    It was with great interest that I listened to a segment on the radio this morning that discussed amalgam (mercury) fillings and their impact on human health.

    I am a fibromyalgia sufferer. I also have a mouth full of amalgam fillings. Nearly every one of my teeth are filled, and most of them are very old, having been put in when I was a child. I am now 51 years old. I was diagnosed in March last year with FMS, but have had vague symptoms for many, many years. Apparently the hysterectomy that I underwent in February 2000 was the catalyst that triggered the full onset of the illness.

    I have registered with an online support group for fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue sufferers. This topic comes up often, but as far as I can ascertain, nothing comprehensive has been discovered to link the two, and doctors are divided in their opinions.

    I would be interested to hear of research or discussion on this topic.

    Yours sincerely


    Dear J*********

    I am really sorry to hear about your condition. You are right. There is division in the medical fraternity about the amalgam fillings. I spoke to people form the South African Dental Association and the World Health organization (WHO) and they say it is completely safe. Dentists have been using it world wide for more than 160 years and there is no problem with it. Dr. Campbell the CEO from the SA dental Association says that they have never received any complaints about amalgam fillings from patients. Amalgam fillings have been in use in SA for more than 100 years.

    On the other hand there are dentists who are saying that these fillings are slowly poisoning patients. I spoke to two dentists who are in private practice in SA and both say they are not using amalgam fillings anymore. They are part of a small group of private dentists who are trying to get these fillings banned. The WHO and SA dental association (very reputable organizations) say there is no scientific proof, no direct link to indicate that these fillings are poisonous.

    So it's really difficult to make a call on this one. I think you should ask your doctor or homeopath to test your mercury levels. If they are high then your doctor should tell you if he/she thinks you should remove the amalgam fillings.

    If it is any consolation, I have 13 amalgam fillings in my mouth. I am also weighing up what I should do. Will probably also test my mercury levels.

    Good Luck and I hope your doctor can help to make this decision easier.

    Kind Regards

  2. Jeanne-in-Canada

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  3. Bambi

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    myself about this idea. I've read a lot on both sides of the issue and agree with the person who wrote back to you that there are just so many thoughts, opinions and research that supports both sides to know for sure what to do.

    I'm 57, so also had a mouth full of mercury fillings. As my teeth have just gone to the dogs in the last several years, I've had to have several teeth pulled and in other instances the fillings just fell out. I don't think I have one left now. (Not teeth, fillings. LOL!)

    I do know we are exposed to it in the air, water, fish, vaccinations and who knows for sure where all. My Chiro (ex) took exrays several years ago and saw a few suspicious white spots deep inside my hip tissue. He had NO clue what it was, so he called around and found out it is a common thing to see in an exray and is mercury left over from some shot I had sometime in my life. It would be a pretty major thing to have it removed, not to mention expensive. Then I get the flu vaccinations every year and it's in them also.

    I do know I have felt NO better with the fillings out. By now I would have felt "some" change for sure. I did ask the last dentist who worked on my poor teeth and he was one who said there is so little in fillings that he didn't think they would pose any threat to health. BUT, it was just another opinion. I think if it worries someone they should have them removed. If they aren't sure or don't lose sleep over it, then perhaps not.

    I in no way think we have psycological reasons for our dd's but I do believe that our fears can aggravate our health. I think many agree that stress of any kind can make our symptoms worse at least. At the same time we could get so worried about everything that we would only be content in a bubble. Just the fumes our furniture and carpeting or vinyl tiles emit are known to be harmful to humans. Living is harmful to life when you get right down to it these days.
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    Mercury and root canals here. Some root canals were not finished and rest of the teeth now infected. Have not been well enough to do anything about it. New year gonna have ALL teeth removed and falsies. A few at a time NOT all at once.
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    Well said Bambi! I agree that there is support on both sides of this issue.

    I had all my mercury fillings removed and replaced with a composite tooth-colored material. That was about 12 or 13 years ago, and I have seen no improvement in my condition. As a matter of fact, I've gotten worse. I had them taken out before I started having full blown FM. At that point, I was just trying to address headaches that I had had for 20+ years.

    My fillings were all 20 years old and beginning to crack. They needed to be replaced anyway. So I opted to have them replaced with non-amalgam material. I wanted to do all this before I tried to get pregnant.

    I did no mercury level testing ahead of time, and I did no chelation therapy along with the removal process.

    When recently tested at the FFC, my mercury levels were fine.

    I think the thing to keep in mind is that in drilling out the fillings, mercury is being aerosolized and will get into your system more than from "leaky fillings".

    It's a tough issue. I agree with Bambi, though, don't stress out about it. It is highly unlikely that you will get your fillings replaced and be "cured". Sorry, it's just not that simple. I wish it were.

  6. CinCA

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    I know too much about this issue, unfortunately. I have always had a very sensitive system since I was a child, and my doctor now suspects I also have trouble getting rid of toxins in my body, partly from years of a poor diet (was a very picky kid; still am) and partly possibly from genetics (I'm adopted and have no history of my birth parents).

    I got 4 amalgam fillings when I was 7 (about to turn 37 now), the only time in my life I had cavities. Didn't think anything of them, until I had my daughter and she was later dx'd with high-functioning autism. There is a lot of debate that autism is tied to high mercury levels. All I know is we've had "issues" with her since day one, so it wasn't like she got a vaccine and went downhill (many vaccines use a form of mercury - thimerosol - as a preservative, although this was largely banned a few years ago). I also have had failing health in general the past few years. Got my fillings replaced 18 mo. ago, and a weird thing happened. I have bad/spongy patellar cartilage in both knees and had been living more or less with chronic pain since I got pregnant 5 years ago. For whatever reason, after my fillings were removed, the knee pain completely went away...they only ached after appropriate things, like intense exercise, etc. But after the amalgam removal, I started getting what I later was told are signs of "classic" mercury toxicity...severe sensations of burning, terribly itchy skin, extreme sensitivity to temps/poor circulation, really bad brain fog, major mood swings to the point one doctor thought I may be bipolar (even though I never, EVER had a history of such), just in general bad stuff.

    I had started seeing a naturopath during all of this, and we did heavy metal testing and did find a presence of mercury, lead, and some other things. Not that high, but I had already been doing some chelation (EDTA, cilantro) and homeopathic detox regimens, and given my history, my doctor said ANY presence of toxins could be affecting me because I am so sensitive and my system has been so overloaded/"toxic". I did a few rounds of DMPS and also started taking supplements to build up my glutathione and cysteine levels, as well as began methyl B12 injections...all of these to shore up my body's ability to clear up toxins.

    In general, while I definitely have good and bad days, I think my body is functioning remarkably well considering the longstanding severe stress I've had in my life over the past 10 years. The brain fog is much less prevalent and now seems more tied to just plain fatigue (which I get daily around 5 pm) than anything else. I was dx'd with CFS, but all the mercury-specific stuff (esp. the awful burning skin/metal sensations in my mouth, etc.) is gone. I do think I am, albeit at turtle speed, slowly moving towards recovery.

    We also did homeopathic detox/chelation for our daughter, on and off over the past year. While she was always "mild" and never had the classic speech delays people think of with autism, she definitely had some self-regulation/sensory, behavioral, and more subtle pragmatic speech things going on. She also would tantrum so badly and violently for awhile I seriously was wondering if she had some weird form of temporal lobe seizures. It was awful! Her progress has been nothing short of miraculous! She still is incredibly active and the most strong-willed and defiant kiddo her therapist has ever seen, but she has huge potential and is so incredibly smart. She is very popular at her little preschool and radiates joy and confidence. She still is a handful, and always will be, but it's more because we have a "spirited child" than an "atypical" one now. I am amazed, and I am a VERY cynical/science-oriented person who has several MDs and other health-care providers as personal friends. Anyone who has known our kid since she was born can't believe how well she is doing.

    So, I personally think the amalgam thing could have affected me, as well as my daughter while I was pregnant, since they were really old and undoubtedly were starting to break down. But that could be just my case, and I also could have somehow, somewhere been exposed to other environmental toxins.

    The one thing I will leave you with is DO NOT get amalgams removed by someone who does not believe they are dangerous! There are specific precautions that can be taken (not with me, sadly) to help prevent the inhalation of small amalagam particles when they are drilled out. Also, I would suggest you consult with a healthcare practitioner who is knowledgeable about mercury toxicity and chelation, so they can ensure getting the fillings removed doesn't further compromise your health.

    Sorry to write a book, but I know far too much and have suffered far too greatly regarding this topic. Good luck, everyone, and thanks for hearing at least one person's battle with this.
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    I have had a mouthful of amalgam fillings as there isn't a tooth in my head without one due to crooked dentist, so most date from when I was a teenager, so very old (I'm now 54) -

    -- the fillings, not me LOL!

    but the debate should probably include how much I got from eating tuna fish in particular once/week on average since child.

    Anyway, I did chelate orally, redid urine test, and it looked fine... but didn't feel any different :( altho I have given up tuna and other fish almost completely.

    The odd thing was that I DID feel good WHILE chelating, LOL.

    Since I had a lot of dental repair work to be done anyway, I decided to finally spend the extra money and "do it," and have all my amalgams replaced; no fun to say the least!

    Almost done, just have a few more to go...

    Even tho I don't expect miracles since the chelation didn't help, I figure lowering the overall toxic load on my body's immune system is a smart thing to do.

    I have, however, seen documented cases of people who had complete recoveries from mysterious complexes of symptoms after having amalgams removed.

    All the best,

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