Amantadine vs. Kutapressin

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by simple, Jul 24, 2003.

  1. simple

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    Since Kutapressin is no longer available, my doc put me on Amantadine. Overall my fatigue level is about the same as before, but its causing irritable bowel. I'm constantly going to bathroom for about 3-4 hours after taking it. I hope it's a form of herxing... but if it continues, I will have to get off it.

    Has anyone else tried Amantadine? Thanks.

  2. beckster

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    Does amantadine help any of you????????
  3. annepat

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    1. apologies-I've had computer problems and I have not been able to post a kutapressin update. Hoping to do so later today.

    2. Amantadine. I haven't tried it, but one of my docs put it on my "possibilities" list. Amatadine does have an antiviral effect, but, unfortunately and among othe things, it is known to cause tardive dyskonesia (sp?) a movement disorder. My other CFS doc said that he didn't think thta it was a good fit.

    I've had numerous drug reactions/interactions, so it wouldn't be a good choice for me.

    Also-ask your doc if Amantadine metabolizes through the liver; if so, check the enzyme pathway, and then check your other meds for metabolism route. Look for P450chromosome metabolism-P 450 is a series of liver enzymes-p126 is an example-that metabolize many drugs. Many of the SSRI's metabolise and effect the pathway.

  4. tansy

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    15 years ago for it's anti viral effect but I had problems whilst on it. The holistic dr was treating a lot of things at that time and felt it better for me to stop taking it.

    We all react differently to drugs so it would seem you need to decide whether it's herxing or this drug doesn't suit.

    Wouldn't it be great if there were a magic bullet to cure each and every one of us.