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    any body ever used this for viruses amantadine.. i was put on this by a lyme dr., it is rising my
    ast and my alt, even thou its in has also affected my urea nitrogen, and my bun/creatinine ratio, i have email the dr, but he hasnt responded to me... i am not feeling him too much...maybe im just to impatient, and im still not feeling any better

    my lyme results show mostly IND's, he has not put me on antibiotics...and i really dont want to be on any...he talked about yeast, but i dont think he really knows how to handle yeast...anyone ever heard of a biamonte dr, that specialize in yeast, here in new york, and charge 240.00 for the first visit, , i am thinking about getting in touch with him...if i keep feeling drunk, and falling into walls.
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    This site has one of the best explanations on how to do a food elimination diet. Many times it's a certain food that you are ingesting that causes that "drunk" feeling.

    Also, get your hormones tested. Low adrenal function contributes to candida and food allergy problems. My adrenal function was very low. I was not producing DHEA, and cortisol. After going on compounded hydrocortisone (bioidentical cortisol) my food allergies improved.

    I also nebulize glutathione which helps with MCS. You may want to record where and when those "drunk" feelings happen to see if there is a pattern. Sometimes it's an environmental exposure too.

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    this med does have a good track record with cfs, I was thinking of trying it.
    How long have you been on it and can the dose be lowered?
    Have you noticed any positive effects?
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    I tried it, but my body didn't like it. It is one of the older anti virals. I am now on Valtrex and much better.

    Munch is right about the adrenals. I didn't have a clue that was contributing to me being so sick until I started being treated for adrenal fatigue. After over a month, I am seeing some good changes.

    Good luck and take care,

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    i tried this but got MUCH worse on it...mostly worse neuro symptoms. i had to stop it. was it die off? who knows...