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    Does anyone take this med? I was given a prescription for it yesterday...just curious. If you have, tell me your experience.

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    Hey I am glad you posted this as it has been on my mind this week too as I just got my first trial of it and started this week.......I am starting out very slow and low because mcs. So I am starting with just .50 ml a day split into 2 doses, will do that for a week than increase, eventually upto maybe 2 ml a day, not sure will play by ear. You can get tablet too but I like liquid to control dose.

    This one relates to the politicsin the darvocet thread in that its an older med and not a lot of money can be made off of it anymore by big pharma.......however it is much safer and less side fx than many other antivirals.

    Its too early for me to say the verdict, but so far so good in that no horrible side fx which happens with most things for me, and I think perhaps its helping the oxygen thing like you said, like I can go longer without having to lie down, which I need to do every day, I have been unable to stay upright for the last 20years for a full day without lying down to let my system recalibrate and it has felt like a lack of oxygen issue like what dr cheney talks about.
    so I hope it keeps doing that and I hope it doesnt depress me!