Amazing pain - why today?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by deniset524, Jun 26, 2003.

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    I truly wonder what makes days feels as differently as they do...I have FMS-like symptoms, according to my doc, and possible I woke up and felt as though I couldn't even lift my head off of the pillow. I work in the school system, so I'm not having to rush out of the house, so I have been doing what I want to do the past week or so...I took a couple of percoset, and went back to sleep, woke up a few hours later, and still felt (feel) muscles in my legs are tender to the touch, and I haven't done anything you "pro's" out there - does this sound more like RA or FMS? My doc asked me to keep a log of what is going on with me...I don't have a fever at all, and have never felt quite this bad...I hate to think that I'm going to have to take handfuls of percoset to even get out of bed - does anyone have any tips when they feel this badly? Does anyone have info on a shot that can be given on days like this? I truly don't think I can live like this without some extra help...thanks for any information. Denise
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    Sorry you are having such a rough go of it today. Your symptoms sound like it could be FM. Have you noticed whether or not you have specific tender or painful points on your neck, collarbone, shoulderblades, hips, inside elbows or knees. In FM there are usually 18 spots that are identifiable. Check the links of this site to get a picture of where the "tender points" are and yes it does cause fatigue. I would bring this up with your doctor the next time you see him and have him run lab tests for other disorders there are alot of overlaps. By the way I work in a school district too as an agency Mental health and Substance abuse therapist with teenagers. Working in schools is exhausting all on its own . Take the summer if you can to sort things out and take care of yourself. Thats my plan. Thinking of you.

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    sounds like fibro to me.i work for the school system too.they are great about when i don't feel well.thereare things out there that will make you feel better.i've found soaking in a warm tub with 3 cups epson salt,3 cups peroxide and some kind of soothing scent helps the muscle pain.the soothing scent just smells good!i usually sleep better after this.i'll take it just before bed because it can really wipe you out.hope this helps.

    kathy c