Ambien and joint pain?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by ajp, Nov 14, 2005.

  1. ajp

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    Hi All,
    Good morning! I have been on Ambien since Friday to help with my insomnia. Which for the most part is has, but today I am having a lot more joint pain. I am just wondering if the Ambien has anything to do with it? Or maybe the weather, it is changing here in Maine, snow and sleet due today and it is about 20 degrees colder than yesterday? Or maybe because I slept till 4AM and didn't take a pain pill in the middle of the night?
    I am feeling very discouraged..... if I don't sleep, I have pain and now I have slept and still have pain...IS THERE NO END TO THIS PAIN???????? Fibro I hate you !!!!! There I feel better..slightly.
    Have a good day all.
  2. sami

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    t have been taking it for years and do not think it is the is the weather..i hate this fibro too...i was up 1/2 the nite because some nites the ambien does not kick in????????? so i take more and then i am a zoombie the rest of today????there is no answer...just doing what we can..hang in there.....
  3. ldbgcoleman

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    I take Ambien and have not noticed this problem but the cold weather does make things worse. I also vote for the weather but you never know. You may try looking at the Ambien website under side effects. Good Luck Lynn
  4. BabiCati

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    the Ambien last night. I took a 5 mg tab and an hour later had to take another one, then I fell asleep.

    Is this common with Ambien?

    Has anyone tried Lunesta with more success?

    For those that have taken it for years have you had to increase the dose overtime?

    Ever take it together with Flexeril or Zanaflex?

    Sorry for all the questions but I am new at this and need help.


  5. ouchiered

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    Hi all

    Just thought I'd put my two cents into this one. I'm been on Ambien for a year now & so far so good. Only problem has been if I should eat late it will not work very well. So be sure you take it on an empty stomach.

    Another thing I've learn having FM is Keep Moving! I know, easier said than done but it's true. Push yourself, you'll make it. Good luck & better days for all.

  6. BabiCati

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    What type do you do?

    There are days that I do 15 minutes on treadmill and I am fine and other days I do 5 minutes and I get a major flare-up.