Ambien CR vs generic brand

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by kinsie1, Feb 4, 2009.

  1. kinsie1

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    I have been taking the generic version of Ambien. It worked pretty well at first, never helped me actually get a full night's sleep, but better than nothing. Now, there are nights that it doesn't work at all.

    Has anyone tried the generic, and then switched to the name brand? I will ask my doctor for the name brand for my next refill if it actually works better. I hesitated from doing this because of the cost. But, now I'm ready to pay!!

    Thanks for any input you can give me.

  2. AuntTammie

    AuntTammie New Member

    I was on the name brand before they had the generic. When generic came out, insurance made me switch. I was doing all sorts of scary things in my "sleep" on the generic. That never happened with the name brand. I also wasn't sleeping as well, but at the same time was feeling like the drug wasn't really wearing off during the day. As a result, I was groggy and my balance was affected to the point that I had a bad fall. The Dr said that though they are supposed to be the same, they aren't really, and she convinced my insurance to let me switch back. Unfortunately, it eventually stopped working for me, and it did start giving me cognitive troubles. So, I am no longer taking it.
  3. TXPeach

    TXPeach New Member

    Anyone please correct me if I am wrong. I believe that Ambien (generic=zolpidem) and Ambien CR are two different drugs. As far as I know and I could be wrong, there is no generic form of Ambien CR available at this time. The regular Ambien works well at helping you get to sleep but not necessarily staying asleep.

    The Ambien CR is a two-layered drug. The first layer helps you get to sleep, the second layer helps you stay asleep. So if you have been taking ambien or zolpidem, maybe Ambien CR is an option for you.

    This was the info I received a few months ago as I, too, am taking ambien (zolpidem). I hope this helps.


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