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    Please inform me as to how I can get a trial for Ambien CR. My Doctor did give me a RX for this drug, but like Lunesta (a waste of time and a lot of $$$), I don't want to make a huge investment, as I am on minimal SSI. This jumping through hoops is getting ridiculous and expensive. My last name is definitely not Rockefeller or Trump. My mother was able to get her doc to give her a RX for Lunesta (#100 X 3mg) and as my family is genetically inclined suffering from insomnia. I suffer severely from CFIDS/FMS With the Doctors OK my mom was convinced to share the Lunesta 3mg. my sister, myself, of course herself. It was definitely like taking a sugar pill. It definitely wasn't worth a sh**. For a mere $400.00, we might have thrown the money out the window. At this point I would give almost anything to get some restorative sleep. I am 52 years old, and a supposed out-patient procedure in late Jan., 2005, rendered me with the worst insomnia that I have suffered in 20 years. I was scheduled for an out-patient surgical procedure...a ventricular lead in a pacemaker implanted in 2000, began to malfunction and it was to be replaced with a new lead as well as a new pacer. The procedure was to last 1 1/2 hours and I was to be released from the hospital 23 hours later. (In 2000, I was diagnosed with Neurally Mediated Hypo tension, along with extremely low blood pressure, which could not be corrected with meds, so the only alternative was a pacemaker. There was no disease of the heart, whatsoever). After the surgeon, who was 5 1/2 hours late for the scheduled surgery (I became the last surgery of the day) sloppily went into the pacemaker pocket, it took him quite a bit to realize that he clipped the SVC and the innominate blood vessel. As I coded 3 X's on the table, his surgical report said that I lost over half of my blood volume. I now appear like a bypass surgical victim. My chest has been cracked and I was administered CPR more times that this surgeon even admitted. They harvested my femoral artery, put me on the heart/lung bypass machine and requiring 6 chest tubes, a ventilator for over two weeks, ending up with a tracheotomy 3 weeks later, pneumonia, a paralyzed diaphragm and a collapsed lung, I was rendered to the surgical ICU for 27 days. If one ever had any dignity, you would lose it after that amount of time in ICU. After being released from ICU to the telemetry floor for another week, still breathing out of the trach tube, I still could not breathe on my own, and I now at 53 years old, have tremendous damage from the surgery, and the CFIDS/FMS have been amplified X's 50. I have never suffered such excruciating pain in my life, and I don't think I will ever get over the PTSD, as this whole year has left me from extremely depressed to a rage that is indescribable.

    At this point of trying to recuperate, I just need tons of restorative sleep, and I would like to hear from anyone that has used Ambien CR and how it's worked for them. I would almost sell my soul for a night's sleep, as I can hardly function, from the pain and insomnia that has rendered me extremely disabled.

    Quite frankly, I fought going for disability for years, as I am a type AAA personality, a former entrepreneur, and an extremely hard worker. I thrived on hard work and loved what I did. This dreaded disease has cut me off at the legs, and the further destruction of my body from the inept surgeon has almost left me barely alive.

    I don't do "victim" well at all but at this point I have no choice. My bodily functions have been changed to some of the worse case scenarios, and all I know, is that I am fighting back with everything that I have, so I may be rocking and rolling in my 90's, mourning the loss of the surgeon that sliced and diced me!

    Sorry for the litany, but I really needed to vent and I really need some quality sleep, so all of you that have tried the Ambien CR and have had good results, please help me acquire them in the manner I can afford.

    Thanks all for listening.

    God bless!

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    First ask your Dr. for a RX for 7 day's of the AmbienCR.

    Then you take a7-Day trial Offer Certificate to the Pharmacy, along with the rx.
    There are some in Magazines, like my Soap Opera Digest,
    yes I do read mindless stuff, lol.

    I do believe you can get one from their Website, and chances are, that the Drug Rep. has probably left some of the Certificates/Coupons with your Dr.

    So maybe try calling the Dr.s Office first.
    Hope that was helpful, I'm going to double check their website also, see if they do have the Printable coupons.

    I am going to try them also, as I need something that will keep me asleep. I can fall asleep, staying there is another thing.
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    I'll now be able to start, with your help I was able to print a 7 day coupon not only for myself but one for my mother too. Thanks for your quick response, as it took me right to the site. Prior to that, I could not find it on my own. Now, when I see my Pulmonary/Sleep specialist this Thursday, I will be able to ask him to write a 7 day supply, and if it works, I'm sure he will provide me with follow through prescriptions.

    The principle of this time released Ambien seems to make so much sense, so I hope and pray that it will give me the restorative sleep that will aid in healing. Just think, if we all were able to get the stages of sleep that most healthy people get naturally! It could put many of us on somewhat back into the world and may help some of us to be more productive and slowly become the productive members of society, that all of us once were!

    This board is such a blessing and I cannot thank you enough. Although I don't always post, I have been 'lurking' in the background, learning from all that do post. I'm really grateful for this board! Thanks again!

    All the best,

    Susan Marie
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    The difference in medical care in the US vs. Canada is like comparing apples and oranges. It has been a very frustrating year, and my state voted last November to put a ridiculously low cap on malpractice, so there are not too many attorneys "chomping at the bit" to take my case. There's just not enough money in it for them, as these type of cases can take up to 3 or 4 years, and there are no guarantees that they will win. I do have faith, and all I want out of this deal, is to put something in trust, so if anything goes awry in the future, I will be able to obtain proper care. I do have a promising attorney looking at the case, but it's so not about the money. I just don't want the surgeon to do what he did to me to any other person.

    I appreciate your compassion. Thanks so much.


    Susan Marie

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