Ambien creates like a weird atmosphere?????

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by JaciBart, Feb 6, 2003.

  1. JaciBart

    JaciBart Member

    Hard to explain, you would have to have been there, any stories out there on weird visual happenings on ambien????

    I would love to hear them

  2. AnnetteP

    AnnetteP New Member

    but my dr. warned me that it could produce hallucinations if I didn't take it and then go immediately to bed. She said not to hang around for it to kick-in, before retiring, or I might experience some strange sensations.

  3. JaciBart

    JaciBart Member

    it is truly bizarre.

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  4. looneytunes24701

    looneytunes24701 New Member

    i take ambien and about 30 minutes after i do, i feel the best i've felt all day. i do have weird dreams and i don't remember what i say if someone talks to me while this has kicked in. weird, huh?
  5. looneytunes24701

    looneytunes24701 New Member

    hi. i read your message on zanaflex and ambien. i take ambien and sleep better, but what is zanaflex. i also take klonopin. thanks for your help.
  6. j9miller

    j9miller New Member

    I have taken ambien twice and the feeling I get is that I cannot get my breath. My husband and rheumy think it is that I am FINALLY feeling so relaxed that my breathing is slow and relaxed too. Nothing bad happened to me and I did not have chest pain so their conclusion seems reasonable but now I am scared to take it even though I get almost no sleep at all ... ever. I do dose on and off though. I want to try it again but that apprehension is keeping me from doing so. Any opinions or suggestions???

  7. JannyW

    JannyW New Member

    I took Ambien on a very empty stomach once ... and hallucinated like crazy! Scared me silly, so I'm more careful about it now.

    Depending on how tired I am, I'm usually asleep within an hour, and don't usually remember my dreams (or the TV show that was on when I fell asleep!).

    Jan ^v^
  8. Lendi

    Lendi New Member

    I've been taking 1/2 ambien every night for almost a month. It takes at least 2 hrs to even kick in. If I go to bed before that, I just toss and turn. But, in 2 hrs it's like a magic key turns and I can go right to sleep. It only lasts 2-4 hrs, though. Then I wake up, refreshed, like it's time to get up. Starting my day between midnight-2, I don't think so. After that I'm back to the stage 2 sleep until about 5:00 then out until I have to get up, or 8:00 which ever comes first. I could stay up, with out anything but a little dizziness, much longer than 2 hrs. if I wanted. I have stayed up for 3 1/2 several times. I go back to the Dr. 21st, so I'll see what he thinks.
  9. 2BPainfree

    2BPainfree New Member

    Once you take Ambien you need to be heading to bed or it can cause hallucinations.

    I made the mistake of taking it and sitting at the computer for "one more post" Ha! You know how that goes!

    About 20 minutes later I feel sleepy, but wasn't quite finished typing. Another 10 minutes later and I had call my husband to walk me to bed! The lamp in my room looked like it was BREATHING!! LOL...funny now, but not then!
    My Doctor said this was very typical if you don't go to bed right away after taking the med.

    This was the first and LAST time I ever took it.

    Susan B
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  10. 4mylabs

    4mylabs New Member

    HI Jaci

    I have taken Ambien a number of times and just don't like the hazy fog feeling I have the next day or two. It does knock me out in about 30 minutes but I really hate the feeling the next day. I have decided not to take it anymore. Xanax seems to work if I am having a problem getting to sleep and I don't get the hazy in a fog feeling the next day. ANyone else have this problem with Ambien?

    Take care
  11. JaciBart

    JaciBart Member

    but my lamp breathes, my artwork on the wall breathes, my fireplace, my computer keyboard, anything I look at moves & flows & emits loving thoughts. That is how I know when to go to bed when my living room tries to hug me & sends me loving thoughts.

    Ha ha.

    One night I looked out the back window onto the golf course that we live on, on the 3rd green there were a whole bunch of white fuzzy spaceships just hovering about a foot off the ground, they were really beautiful, I did not see any green men and my hubby did not believe me, he just said "That's nice dear". I am thinking they were just there for me to see as they were emitting loving thoughts also to me.

    Now, you all need to keep in mind that this only happens to me on ambien so don't go sending the men in the white coats for me, I will escape in a space ship and they won't find me. Or I could just follow the brick path in one of my monet prints & take a walk thru the wildflowers.

    Ha ha

  12. starstella

    starstella New Member

    you really need to go to bed as soon as you take it. On times when I haven't, my family reports that I have walked around and talked with them, but I have no recollection. No problems with hallucinations though. This med has been very helpful to me. I usually wake up once or twice to use the bathroom, and go right back to sleep.
  13. Reg1

    Reg1 New Member

    I took Ambien for about 6 mos. two years ago, i start feeling really strange and depressed. It was really very frightning to me, i asked off and now take other sleep aid. I think at that time i also felt suicidal. As we all know, each drug acts differently, on each indiviual. Reg
  14. WorldFalls

    WorldFalls New Member

    I had those same visual "happenings" too. It didn't bother me at all. In fact, it was kind of pleasant. I felt very calm and spiritual when I was on that stuff. If I went in to detail about the "things" I saw when on ambien, you'd probably send the men with the white coats after me too! But as with Jaci, it only happened while I was on the ambien. I was fine the next day. I think if I had went straight to bed I wouldn't have really experienced the drug like that (hallucinations). But I really liked the relaxed and incredibly peaceful mood I would be in while on the ambien, so I'd purposly stay awake a few hours. I decided that using it for the "good feeling" was misusing it, so I stopped taking it several years ago for fear that I could become addicted.

    Anyway, I have ADHD and NEVER shut my mind off. I even sleep walk and sleep talk nearly every night. My girlfriend is amazed that even at night while I'm asleep I can't "relax." I think that's why I liked amiben and xanax so much. On those medications, I could just lie there and zone and turn off my mind, possibly for the first time in my life. But like I said, "liking" that feeling scared me. So I don't take 'em anymore.
  15. JaciBart

    JaciBart Member

    I don't know why I am so trusting sometimes, you are right, I just did. Something about this place makes me thing people have good intentions or they would not be here, it just gave me the creeps to read your advice, ick. I just don't think about that, safety. Duh. Could be why I was raped a few yrs ago by a co worker I had allowed into my home, thank you.

  16. lea

    lea Member

    Hi Julie:
    I felt really slowed and more unwell the next day or two after Ambien.

    Take care