AMBIEN......Need help , please!!!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by lin21, Mar 19, 2003.

  1. lin21

    lin21 New Member

    Hi all,

    Is anyone out there taking Ambien and if so what can you tell me about it.
    Couldn't make it out to my rheumie so I saw my g.p. today and she gave me a script for Ambien. I am currently taking Nortriptilyn but I've been having terrible nightmares and I really don't think it's helping my sleep.
    But if AMBIEN knocks me out and I'm not able to wake in the morning I don't want to even try it since I have a child I need to get out to school in the morning.

  2. teawah

    teawah New Member

    I took alot of different meds for sleep and since discoverring ZMA, I no longer have need for any prescriptions to sleep. It also helped my pain and I don't seem to have any problems with the nightmares anymore either.

    It was definitely worth it for me.

  3. lin21

    lin21 New Member


    What is ZMA? You have experienced nightmares too? I never did until he increased my Nortriptilyn to 40 mgs, it may be coincidence but that's when it all started. Some nights I'm up until 3 a.m. and I can never get back to sleep once I get up in the morning.

    Thanks ,
  4. lin21

    lin21 New Member

    I didn't start it yet just got the script today.
    It's for 10 mgs.
    Thought I would get some info on it before I have it filled.

  5. teawah

    teawah New Member

    ZMA is zinc and magnesium acetate with also b6.
    Yes i also have sufferred with nightmares and haven't for quite a while since taking the ZMA. It was worth it and I swear by it. They sell it here or you can get it at a health food store. I got mine at the GNC. I only need to take one at bedtime but most people go right to taking two as that is what the bottle says.

    The moderator Shirl takes it and says alot of good things about it also. I have heard alot of people talking about it so I think they are onto something.

    Keep Smiling!!:)
  6. nancyw

    nancyw New Member

    Hi Lin: I think Nick has a good idea about trying Ambien on the weekend. I live by myself and was worried about being too drugged. Sad, though, Ambien did not help me to sleep at all. Have recently switched to Noritriptalene (sp?) and that's not helping either. I have been trying OTC melatonin (6 mgs) which might work for you. I can't sleep for more than 4 hours straight and then I tend to wake up every hour or so and get the weirdest dreams during those last couple of hours. Sometimes I can't figure out what I dreamed compared to what happened the day before. Wierd, huh? Anyway, good luck.
  7. Shaylee

    Shaylee New Member

    I take two Ambien every night as I have severe sleeping disorder. All I can say about it as far as me is it has been a God send. I have not slept in almost three years.

    I do not have droggy feeling and never have since the first one I took. I take 20 mil at night.

    For me it was all worth it.


  8. Maxine_CR

    Maxine_CR New Member

    but since developing CFIDS/FM and trying at again, I found that it gave me horrendous nightmares.

    Clearly these illnesses affect how our systems react to meds. Ambien was the ONLY thing that helped me before and now I can't tolerate it.

    Just try it and tinker with it, as suggested above.


  9. Kathryn

    Kathryn New Member

    I took 10mg about 6pm on a Friday night, and didn't sleep again until after midnight Saturday night. This was after being up since 3am Friday morning and working all day. I no longer take it.
  10. lumediluna

    lumediluna New Member

    I thought I wouldn't wake up either, but I did. I broke the 10 mg tablets in half too so I took 5 mgs at night and some nights I needed a 10mg. I haven't needed Ambien lately, but I HIGHLY recommend it if you need really good sleep. I have actually heard my kids when I took Ambien (maybe mother's instincts). Good luck - hope you get some good rest soon!
  11. Plantscaper

    Plantscaper New Member

    I don't think that Ambien is suppose to be used every day, only for sporadic use, in times when nothing else works..then, you won't build up a tolerance for it..But I think it is really effective..and has no "hangover effect" the next day..I would try the ZMA to see if it works for you...
  12. gcalex

    gcalex New Member

    It is good if you are on occasion just desperate for a few hours' solid sleep, but between the sedative after effects and the potential for dependence, I don't think, despite anything Dr. Teitlebaum might say, it is a good idea to start taking it every night indefinitely.
  13. bluenoser100

    bluenoser100 New Member

    Hi lin
    Yes i have taken ambien for almost four years. It saves my life. I only get two to three hours of sleep on it , it is the only thing I have found that can knock me out at all. I don't have trouble with it groogy wise as it is very short working. I have fms and cfids as well as hypothroid, ibs, gerd and many other dieases. I don't know if this answers your question or not.Howerver my kids tell me about all the stupid things I do and say after I take it. I causes hallucinations and have taken many falls on it. If you do try it I can't tell you strong enough that it is very quick working so lay down as soon as you take it.

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  14. dolsgirl

    dolsgirl New Member

    Tried it, it's only ok. Not worth taking and having your body get used to it as I don't think it's very effectual. It is for some though. dolsgirl
  15. lin21

    lin21 New Member

    I have to say the people on this board are just so kind and wonderful.
    Thanks for all the information on this medication.
    I think I'm going to look into the ZMA first, I don't want to get hooked on more meds.
    Looks like I may be dumping my rheumie really soon since he has returned my calls in two days.
    It's been over a week that I haven't been able to get a good night sleep (since my LTD denial) and today I was with some family members and they told me I looked terrible.
    I'll keep you all posted on how I make out...but for now I think I'm going to put the Ambien on hold.

    thanks again,