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    I posted lasted week about what helps you to sleep! Thanks for all of you who shared your experiences.

    I saw my nurse practioner last week. I am on 200mg of trazadone to help with sleep, as well as 1mg klonopin and two other meds not associated with sleep. I told her the 'traz' wasn't helping, and that I am really having trouble sleeping. I asked about Ambien, but she said I couldn't take it every night. I tried it several years ago and it took awhile to work. By the time she took me off of it, it had just kicked in!

    She put me on Geodon, and it has done nothing...... other than given me indegestion and muscle aches. I'd been given samples so there was no patient info. I checked online, and sure enough, muscular problems were one of the less common side effects. Great for fibromites! LOL

    I am bipolar, and have been doing well for many years. Sleep has always been elusive for me. I'd like to know how often some of you take Ambien. I want to talk with her and see if she'll up my klonopin .5mg and see, again, what she says about the ambien.

    Thanks for sharing with me! As I've said in the past, all of you are heaven sent!


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    Ambien can be addictive and should be used for short term only. I take amitriptyline 10mg every night which helps put me in a deeper sleep. It does cause vivid dreams which I seem to recall but I prefer the dreams to no sleep. It is very inexpensive...less than $4.00 a month and seems to work. It may work for you. Ask your Healthcare provider to see if it can be an option for you. Hang in there. Keep trying until you find the right combination of meds.

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    I am sorry the trazadone did not work well for you. It always gives me a good night's sleep. I was thinking maybe you should try it alone, not in conjunction with some other med. I sleep a good 9 hours every night without ever waking up on it. Of course, it doesn't work for everyone but for those of us that is helped by it, it's a godsend, believe me. Nothing worse than not being able to sleep and it is something we all have had our problems with. Toots
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    I have had a very difficult time in the sleeping department. I finally found my answer. I take 20mg of elavil/amitriptaline (spelling wrong, sorry) at about 8pm along with 2-3 benadryl this really has been mt answer to prayer. I have also been on the ambein and it really does work. If I ever have to take it again I will take it every other night. You do build a tolerance to it pretty quickly and pretty soon 1/2 pill turns into 2 pills. This was my expericence.
    again, the elavil has been my godsend. good luck and do not give up!
    p.s you said it took awhile for the ambien to work? the key to taking this drug is to take it just before you turn the lights out. Do not read, talk, have sex, nothing after taking the drug. I learned this the hard way and took it and watched t.v an hour later headed for bed. You lose the time threshold with this drug and you can just about bet that you will be up for the rest of the night.
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    to elavil so my doc put me on 10 mg. of ambien. I took it every night for several months until it stopped working for me. It didn't ever help me stay asleep but, it did help me fall asleep which had been impossible for months before I took ambien. I am now taking a STRONG muscle relaxer that puts me to sleep and keeps me there for an hour or two at a time. When I wake up I am at least able to go back to sleep. Sorry I can't think of the name right now but, if you want to know you can ask in a separate post with my name in the title. I didn't have any problem coming off the ambien after months of use.

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    I had a bad reaction to ambien. I had actually been taking it for a couple of weeks but it was not really helping me sleep. It made me very restless, etc. The doctor then let me double the dose. When I did this I started to hallucinate and see things - it got really bad and I ended up going to the hospital - not something that I want to repeat. I did not even realize that it was a possible size effect that is listed in the itty bitty fine print you get with the medication when you pick it up from the pharmacy. Just be careful - all meds effect us all differently.
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    I also am bipolar, have only had 2 manic attacks in 15 years. After my 1st attack, where I also had a few hallucinations, I have to say that I really get scared if I can not sleep. After getting better, about 6 months from the 1st attack, I was not put on any meds for my biopolar dx. I would ask the Dr. for ambien to sleep, as I have been reading alot and feel that I am a hypobipolar. I do know that ambien will help you sleep for a 3-4 hour good refreshed sleep. But, unfortunately, then you build a tolerance up after a couple a few weeks. So, then it won't work. I talked to plenty of my nurse friends and they also would use it, esp. due to our long working and overtime hours. If you use ambien, only use it in moderation. Maybe for 1 week, then change to something else, and use it again in a month or so. Good Luck
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    Hi Kim, I am also bipolar, and have taken ambien off and on for a few years. I have never had any problems with interactions with my other meds or with any of the "addiction" issues that seem to be of concern. As with many of my meds, I have to cycle the ambien every few months with a different sleep med because it loses it's effectiveness. When I am on the ambien though, I take it every night with no adverse effects. Hope this helps some. Feel free to e-mail me at if you have any other questions.