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    ok , This is to weird for words. My rhuemy has put me on ambien for sleep. I just started it 3 nights ago. I have been taking xanax for 18 yrs now. anyway the first night I took 1 and I didn't feel anything, so about 40 minutes later I took a half of xanax, (Dr says it was ok), then a little while later I took a half of ambien,then nothing , so then another half of xanax, then another ambien. To make along story short I never slept until morning.Then 2nd night pretty much the same thing. I took a whole ambien and a xanax, waited and 30 minutes later took another ambien. 5am I finally went to sleep. Slept until 1130am. now I just took an ambien and am waiting to see what happens. I took it on an empty stomach and I am feeling a little tired. So I was wondering if anyone has had a problem like this.The Ambien seems to increase my heart rate some too. Any help would be appreciated.
    Thanks Joy
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    What strength is you perscribtion? I just started taking Ambien about 10 days ago. Mine are 10 mil. They knock me on my butt. I had to start cutting them in half because they were to strong. I would fall asleep where ever I was about an hour after I took it. If I woke up in the middle of the night I couldn't make it to the bathroom to pee.

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    They r 10mil also.
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    Your Dr. gave you good advice. I took one one night layed down on the couch to watch T.V. the next thing I knew my daughter was shaking me to wake up and laughing like heck, she said I was snoring really loud.
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    for about 4 years for me.... when they stopped working I switched to lunesta...was on lunesta about 6 months and that gave me even better sleep (felt more rested next morning) then the ambien even did.

    I then came off all sleep meds and have been doing much better ever since. I still have nights that I struggle but for most part am sleeping much better after 5 years of struggling with sleep.

    I got up to 20 mg of ambien and was still only gettin 4 hours of sleep when I switched over to the lunesta.
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    Some people have the opposite reaction to a drug than it is supposed to give.

    5 mg of Ambien gets me to sleep every night. However, when I have taken other sleep aids, like Trazadone, it wired me. Kept me awake all night.

    Ambien doesn't sound like the right sleep aid for you.