Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by gbuett, Jan 5, 2007.

  1. gbuett

    gbuett New Member

    My dr. just prescribed Ambien for me but I am afraid to take it because of the side effects. Should I ask him for something else?
  2. PVLady

    PVLady New Member

    Everyone has a different experience. You won't know until you try it. Many people take it for years and like it - no problems.

    You really can't judge based on possible side effects and what people say here.

    All drugs have side effects... I use Ambien and think it is ok. I wish I didn't have to take anything...
  3. dvdav2000

    dvdav2000 New Member

    I get the munchies when I take Ambien... seriously... about an hour after I need some sugar... other than that it works... no hangover

    Lunesta does not give me the munchies but it works a little slower... slight hangover

    Rozerum ( ? ) I have tried it and would like to again

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