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  1. caroleye

    caroleye New Member

    I haven't slept for weeks, and it's affecting my brain big time. New Dr. gave me this & I took 10 mg last night. Didn't do a thing.

    Anyone taking it, but have to take more than 10 mg for it to help?

  2. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I'm so sorry you are going without sleep. I have no experience with Ambien but just wanted you to know I'm sending up a prayer. I've been through this and it's horrible. Has the doc tried to determine why you are losing sleep? Perhaps a sleep study. That's how we found out what was interupting my sleep. That knowledge can really help lead to a med which will help with the core cause or symptom. Good luck to you.

    Love, Mikie
  3. tig519

    tig519 Member

    I was taking ambien 10mg for about 10 years until it didn't work as well then I switched to Ambien CR 12.5mg. CR is a release version.

    One thing I found is that both work better on an emptier stomach... meaning if I ate a late dinner, it would take much longer for me to feel the effects if at all. Taking at least 2hrs after you finish eating helps... the longer the better.

    I actually think that's the reason there were all these reports for awhile of people driving while taking ambien. They figured it wasn't going to work for at least 2 hours so they go about their everyday things.
  4. luigi21

    luigi21 Member

    thing about ambien, zolpiclone in england, is that it is only supposed to be used for short term sleep problems. if it is fibro you have sleep problems are a part of it. i find a 5mg diazepam (vailium) is helpful, yes its addictive so be careful, but ive read in studies it good at resetting you sleep pattern with regards to brain waves. Drinking valerian root tea, or taking a herbal tablet with valerian and hops as an ingrediant helps my cousin. Or low dose amitriplyine, can be used with vailium. make sure you chill out before bed, have a cut of time for drinking so you dont spend night going to toilet, keep a feelings and what im doing next day diary so you get everything out of your head, a warm bath, or heat pads are helpful
    best wishes
  5. earthdog2000

    earthdog2000 Member

    Hi Carol,

    I have never personally taken Ambien but I know that a lot of others on this board do so you should get a lot of replies. If the 10 mg. is not working maybe your dr. could up the dose for you. Not every med works well for everyone so you could always explore taking something else if the Ambien just does'nt work for you. I take 1 mg. of Klonipin (generic name is Clonazepam) and it works really good for me and has for about 5 years. The thing I like about it for me is that it does not make me groggy in the morning like some other sleep meds do. Xanax is one that made me feel groggy when I took it years ago.

    Sleep is soooo imprtant in dealing with these DD'' that some of us HAVE to take something to help us sleep. Unfortunately if you don't get good sleep it can cause more pain, inability to concentrate, trouble focusing, memory problems, etc. My son takes St. John's Wort which is an herb and his insomnia has almost gone away. A lot of ppl. on this board only take holistic products and some really work for them. I'm sure you will get a lot of ideas if you want to take that approach. If you do decide to take an herb, supplement or vitamen to help you sleep make sure you talk to your dr. or phamacist because you could have drug interactions. Good luck and I hope you get some decent sleep soon!

    Faith, Peace and Restful Sleep, Julie

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