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  1. jka

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    took ambien for first time last night.4 hours after i took it i finally feel asleep. also hand a mild headache and my hands and feet were freezing. has anyone else had these problems?i'm about at my wits end as far as sleeping goes. i've been on trazodone,oxazepam valarien,melatonin,kava-kava.any other suggestions from anyone?have had lupus for16 yrs. and fibro 6-7 yrs.

    thanks for the help!
    kathy c
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  2. Goodday

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    I could have made the craziest movies with the dumb dreams I had on Ambien! Now I am Trazodone and Restoril. I sleep very good for 6 to 8 hours. What a relief! Still wake-up stiff though....I have cold feet constantly, goes with the Raynaud's syndrome. Hands and toes turn white when I get cold. It is a cirulation problem that goes along with fibro for some people. Occasionally I drink warm milk with vanilla flavoring before I go to bed. Have a good day!
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    for me, and if you look it up on the search box, other people have found a lot of success with it too...It is a muscle relaxant and, actually, was prescribed for me for prevention of migraines, but has helped more with insomnia..

    NOne of the above meds helped me either, except for Ambien, but one is not suppose to take it every night or it loses its's more for emergency use..Also, I have never had any "hangover effect" with Zanaflex and you get a very good long full night's sleep.. HOpe you get good sleep soon as I know how irritating it is...AMELIA
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    I have been taking this drug for a couple months now. the thing with this drug is YOU MUST take it while you are in bed. I shut my lights out, meditate and pray and try to settle my mind then I take it. If you take it and watch a bit of t.v or read it will not work. All stimulus must be gone!! Wierd huh? give it another try tonight. I too sometimes get headaches from it and sometimes depressed but whats a sleepless person to do? good luck.
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    has made a wonderful recommendation. On nights when I do that, my sleep is good. If you try to stay up awhile after taking the ambien, you will do goofy things.
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    I was like you, I took ambien and twiddled my thumbs waiting for it to kick in. When it did, I only slept a few hrs. It gets better after a few nights though. Maybe it has to get into your system. I take resteril now and like it better. But, it takes a few hrs too and I still only sleep for 5-6 hrs but there isnt' any hangover at all and my body just feels a little better. Hope you figure out something. Not sleeping is the pits! Lendi
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    It really works good for me. Makes me sleepy and almost goofy! I can take one and in about 30 minutes, I am flying. But it causes amnesia for me. The next day I can't remember what i did or said after it kicked in. took one the other nite, and wrote an email afterwards. do not remember sending it, writing it or even what i wrote in it. my friend got the email and she said it did not sound like me. so be careful when taking it, you might not be yourself.