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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by cycling, Nov 7, 2006.

  1. cycling

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    My symtoms have been exceedingly worse the last two years. So I decided for my new years resolution that i would start getting the meds more seriously.

    I have meds for muscles, pain, memory, asthma, and so on. During the summer i was given a arm load of samples for ambien cr and a script for ambien 10 i didn't know there was a difference.

    Every time i took one of the samples i'd sleep all right but i was always so drugged in the morning afterwards that i'd be three hours late for work. so i didn't take it very often. The next time my other scripts were due i took in the ambien 10

    i started taking it the last week of sept my dr had said to take it every day for a few weeks to give it a chance.

    Well, i was taking a week off of work so i started taking it everyday. i slept, when i got out of bed NO PAIN in my feet, since then i've been exercising, walking 14 flights of stairs at work, swimming therphy, and NO PAIN not in my feet legs, the numbness is gone (hands and feet were so bad at times i had trouble holding a pen at work or using the keyboard

    I hadn't been able to work a 40 hour week in over a year. I now have worked six in a row.

    However, i still get fatigued. but i have been feeling practically normal. Last nite i found out that ambien is for short term use only. i am crushed.

    SO MY ? IS does anyone else have anything they want to share about their experience about this drug? Like have you stayed on it? what does your dr say? etc

    thank you, cycling
  2. kat2002

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    Ambien is only approved by the FDA for short term use. However, like a lot of medicines, it is sometimes used other ways, called "off label". So long term use would be considered off label use.

    That being said, I have been taking Ambien 10 mg per night for over a year now, and I have had no problems. Everyone is different, so you definitely should check with your doctor before taking it long term. If he/she okays it and it works for you, use it!

    Wishing you many restful nights,
  3. Kryssie

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    I used ambien 10 for 2 mths, it stopped working. Im now on CR and I sleep better but my pain is still the same. Glad its helping you though. My doc is a fan of ambien and has never said anything negative about using it long term.
  4. onedaymagpie

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    Hi Cycling:

    That's really great to find something that works so well for you. As you your concerns about the 7 days, here is what Teitelbaum says about this in his book "Fatigue to Fantastic":

    The computerized info sheet on Ambien notes a recommendation from the FDA that the medication be used for only 7 days. This is not because problems have been seen with long-term use, but because it is FDA policy for any sleep med. The FDA wants people to learn proper sleep hygiene instead of taking med for their insomnia. This is very reasonable -- except for people with CFIDS/FMS, in which the sleep problem is hypothalamic suppression, not poor sleep hygiene.

    Also, for an FYI on Ambien, he states that if you stop using Ambien, you may have rebound insomnia - that is the need to use something else to assist your sleep for a week. Because of this need for sleep assistance, if you have taken AMbien for more than 4 months, when you stop it, use on the other meds or natural sleep remedies for a week or so to assist sleeping during the adjustment period:

    'hope this is helpful,
  5. jaime13

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    I had the worst reaction to cymbalta ever, I was totally out of it I mean really whacked and the worst part is when these things happen to me I don't even realize that it is happening, I drove like this and did everything- I also have had several interactions to different drugs- and one day when I got into 3 different accidents.
    As far as ambein goes lunesta does the same thing only you can take it on a more offen. Since fibromyalgia is a sleep disarder it is very important that we get our sleep other wise we just slip, crash and burn.
  6. born2fish64

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    I took Ambien for over 2 years. My rummy told me he was not concrened with addictin or anything else as long as it worked. Unfortunately it stopped working and I had to switch to something else. Lunesta did nothing for me. I guess we're all different,huh.
  7. butterfly83

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    According to my doctor, Ambien CR is just a new marketing tool basically. He said the pill is made up a little differently, chemistry wise, but he doesn't see that is better then the regular Ambien at 10mg.

    If Ambien works good for you like that, then you should continue taking it. It's only APPROVED for short term use, but if you are monitored regularly by your doctor, there shouldn't be a problem with staying on it. I've been taking it for more then a year with no troubles. Many of the other sleeping drugs haven't worked well for me.

  8. cycling

    cycling New Member

    Thank you for sharing. Of course sleep is important but what really has been exciting me is the lack of pain and numbness.

    Plus the fact I'm working full time again.

    And I'm exercising.

    When any of us go through a really back time, we think we will never get better. So I'm feeling hopeful again.

    We will see if I can stay on it and if it continues to work.

    My insurance doesn't cover it so it's $4.00 a day. I never thought I'd ever pay out of pocket for anything. But I've been so pleased with this I paid for it on my own last nite.

    I'll keep my fingers crossed and thank you for your responses.

    Very Grateful,

  9. SweetT

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    It also gave me horrible nightmares. And that was just the 7-day free trial. Most importantly, it hyped me up instead of made me sleepy. By the 5th day, I stopped taking it. See my post entitled something to the effect of "did sleep medication make you suicidal?"
  10. cherylsue

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    I've tried Ambien a few times. It increases my malaise a few days, and only works slightly. The Physician's Desk Reference listed herpes reaction as a side effect. I suspect Ambien is messing with the viruses in my system. No can do.