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    You recently wrote a post in which you said that Ambrotose give you a herx.

    This surprised me because I was under the impression that this supplement _prevents_ herxes.

    If you have time/energy, would you please supply whatever info you have about this supplement (what exactly it does, what kind of herx to expect, how best to use it, how you've used it successfully or unsuccessfully).

    Is it appropriate for use with AV's, do you think?



    If anyone else has knowledge about this stuff, please contribute!!!!
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  2. victoria

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    I believe Suejay is using this.... no firsthand knowledge tho.

  3. jarjar

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    Sujay has most of her patients using it with the Marshall protocol and it works fantastic with it.

    You can only start out with a tiny bit while on benicar as you will have to deal with too much bacterial die off or as they say herx.

    I don't know how effective it would be without benicar because benciar stops the blockade that allows your immune sytem to go in and kill the bacteria that is hidden.

    Some of her patients just use benciar and Ambrotose as it is so potent when they are combined together.

    To me it is the missing link of the Marshall protocol as it speeds up your healing.

    ANNXYZ New Member

    the ambrotose gives me such a strong reaction is because I am on ABX for lyme disease , and the glyconutrients enhance white cell function ( documented ) AND facilitates communication between the immune cells .
    Adding this to my antibiotic gives me DOUBLE the normal herx reaction , taking only a 1/4 tsp !

    Yes, it would be GREAT to use with antivirals . The AV's do not kill virii, but they prevent them from replicating , so they die . The ambrotose will fire up your sluggish NK white cells .

    There are good books on the science that has been validated by the glyconutrients and the effect they have on immune function .

    If you are struggling with chronic viral infections there are other anti infectives that are not drugs that you should investigate that HAVE been used and studied for YEARS ( MANY ) in other countries , and they are not BIG bucks.

    You might want to research: artimisinin , samento
    ( or cat's claw - Raintree is used in lymme a lot ) .
    You might also consider using Andrographis or reservatrol. These are potent and have been used on tough pathogens.

    If you get a copy of " Healing Lyme " by Stephen Buhner , he details many herbs that are EXTREMELY potent and effective. I have been reading posts on lymenet by people who could not get well with lyme , til they incorporated the andrographis . Some of these herbs can kill viruses and bacteria BOTH . Buhner's book is a good one for any disease !

    Also , I am finding people who took ABX ( for lyme ) for 6-8 years , and could no longer take them, but were still
    sick . THEY FOUND RIFE nmachines to be answer for them. sounds crazy , but the testimonies by sick people who get their lives back are enough to convince me. I am looking into it . The little machines transmit signals that KILL Pathogens . People get herx reactions from them just like drugs , but say after several months they FEEL MUCH Better.Some of them have been sick as dogs for years with lyme and failed to get well on copious amounts of ABX.

    If you look up rife, you can find info. Some folks on lymenet bought models that cost about $ 500 . That is a small price to pay when you lose your life to a disease with no easy cure .

    There are other therapies to fight these pathogens that can be used with or with out drugs. However , I do think it takes a while to get results and you feel worse before better .
    I began feeling better after four months on high doses of valtrex ( EBV ) . I was not cured , because I had UNDIAGNOSED LYME ALSO . But the valtrex got me out of bed and back into the world to a more normal degree ( not totally shut in ) .

    I would investigate All of these things to incorporate with your AV drug . I also strongly advise EVERY PERSON HERE TO betested BY IGENEX LABS for lyme disease !!!
    It can be transmitted via flies and mosquitoes and MANY MANY people here are testing positive for it . Like me, they were blown away to find they has lyme disease .
  5. Slayadragon

    Slayadragon New Member

    Thanks much for the info, all. I will look into this further. :)

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