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  1. hysperia

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    I am always having doc appointments and coming away not knowing what I'm doing. I can't write things down when I'm there - too fogged up and can barely cope

    So now I am taking something called AMD and I don't know what it is and what is does. I've had "neural therapy" accidentally triggered by a reaction to novocaine and the removal of a mercury amalgam filling. Doc says I'm detoxing and we have to clean up the chemical mess.

    But still, what is this and what does it do? Anyone?

    Thanks SO much.
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    hysperia New Member

    I should give my postings more exciting subject headings!

    I am now feeling too totally confused for words and don't know who to believe about anything and how to trust anyone or anything.

    Does anyone ever experience this? I feel like just sitting in my apartment and not trying to get help. Just overwhelmed.

    I would love some encouragement, if anybody has any to spare.


    Am I doing this right?

  3. hysperia

    hysperia New Member

    For reassurance and assistance.

    I have figured out what AMD is. It is a mixture of stuff that helps detox. If anyone wants to know what's in it, I'll provide info. Otherwise, I'm too tired.

    I'm still confused but realize that, when that happens, I just need to let it all sit for awhile and it will "come out in the wash".

    I have a truly great doctor. It's just that the illness itself and the treatments are so all over the map and so very different from anything I've ever dealt with, sometimes I wonder if I'm into voodoo medicine. So many different theories about what's wrong, so many different ideas about what to do about it, so many people saying do this, don't do that and vice versa. Don't mean to offend anyone by saying that.

    I guess I've had a pretty traditional experience with just Western medicine and, for some odd reason, it is easier for me to trust that, even though it has let me down, than to go down different paths.

    Also, integrating all the different opinions and info is just too much for me most of the time. It seems to take months to penetrate my brain.

    People who are concerned about me ask what I am doing and I can't even tell them. It feels like a big mess. This causes them more concern that I can't deal with. So I've retreated and that's lonely sometimes.

    But sometimes I get it. I just have to wait until I do. Some of the treatments that have been suggested, I am just waiting to do them until I do understand at least something about what I'm doing.

    Hard to entrust our bodies without understanding. And NOT something I would usually tell anyone to do, never mind myself. But I am dependent on others now, because I'm usually so fogged up, I can't understand what they're all talking about. I'm used to being in much more control of what I'm doing, especially medically. Or maybe I just had an ILLUSION of control! Who knows.

    But I do know, from others, some who have actually recovered, that I have a good doc, so I'll have to rest in that knowledge for a bit, till I'm a little bit more clear.

    Slowly. One step at a time. That's what I'm telling myself today.

    Hard work, isn't it? Body, mind and soul.

    Best of luck and good thoughts to all and thanks for responses.

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