Amendment to "Amendment to 'Yes you can help your Fibro!'"

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    AGAIN,I want to apologize!

    I'm sometimes so dense, and this time it was about walking being the king of all exercise! (I like my little icon because it's like when I'm over-focusing on my point I'm in this little hole where I can't see anything but what I'm writing about, but then I come out, look around, and realize I've been [shall I be kind?] unrealistic!)

    First, thanks to all the generous people who saw my heart through my didacticism. Reading your stories. . . wow! You guys are amazing!

    Next, OF COURSE most of us know that the best kind of exercise for stuff like Fibro is WATER EXERCISE, as some of you mentioned. Of course the problem with this is you need a pool, preferably heated, and, for many, a way to get to the pool. While I can go to the Y, I don't do the pool much because it's hard for me to tell how much I'm exercising. I tend to get too enthusiastic and REALLY overdo. Also, I hate all the riggamaroll (sp) involved. To walk, all I need is to stretch ahead of time, take some Ibuprophen, find my shoes, and remember to start out slow. Oh yeah, and kick my butt out the door! (Oh yeah, I think drinking lots of water ahead may help keep some muscle problems at bay.)Still H2O exercise is magic for some.

    Another busy-body thing: most of us have base line depression. I mean who wouldn't? Do your meds address this adequately? If your problem is resistant to most antidepressants, you shouldn't be dragging along for months on something that isn't working. Sometimes these doctors just don't want to have to think!

    New meds and new info about meds pop up almost weekly. There is a great Psychiatry site that tells you everything new: (I think that's right.)You should demand front line treatment. 20 years ago many MDs would get their noses out of joint if a woman got assertive, but, while they may be surprised initially, if you coddle them--"Oh, you've been so kind to me," etc.--I think you'll find they will be co-operative. Or not. But we aren't married to them are we?

    Finally, you don't owe that toxic person anything! Yes he/she helped you do this or that, even important stuff, but she has received her reward by getting to beat up on you. (Subtly I'm sure.) Don'cha know that JUST when you are succeeding at feeling and doing better, she comes along and makes you feel bad. The only thing worth putting up with that for is basic life support, and if you think outside the box, usually there is an alternative. Government agencies, local agencies, meals on wheels, church groups, etc.

    BUT if you LIVE with the toxic person and/or he/she supports you, that's a whole nother problem. Well, same problem, more obscure and complicated solution. Find a good shrink and pray a lot!

    Gotta go. Love to all.