Amendment to "Yes you can improve your Fibro!"

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    To the Gentle (and irritated!) readers of my first post,

    I erased my first amendment post, so this one will be shorter. MY apology is for my item one in my list of ideas for improving Fibro.

    1) I am REALLY sorry I appeared to lump everyone's condition
    into mine. That was really insensitive. I know now that my attitude was thoughtless for those of you with a very bad case of Fibro or Fibro with other debilitating conditions.

    So, here are my busy-body, modified suggestions. Everything I have heard, read and experienced says that exercise improves Fibro. But it would be hard to do anything which might cause a flair , unless you have something which would allow you to cover most of any subsequent pain.

    1) So, first off, you need an understanding M.D. who is keeping up with medical research about pain treatment. ( I am working on an article about the push-pull M.D.s face today regarding treating chronic pain adequately. That's another post. Suffice it to say, according to the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Health Care Organizations, you are legally entitled to "adequate" treatment of your severe pain.)

    2) Then, you need to talk to your M.D. about what, if anything, can improve your Fibro. He/she will love you for this (I assume) because you are being pro-active. If he/she mentions exercise, jump on this and DEMAND enough attention from him to get a useful dialogue going on this, so you can squeeze as much info out of him as he has to give. Make him give you sources that would help. When he suggests something that won't work for you, tell him why and throw the ball back in his court. [Meet him eye to eye; make him see you as a determined person!] If he suggests you walk around the block and you can't do this because of the pain which follows, make him give you something to handle the pain, BECAUSE, from all I know, these walks will eventually, and sooner than you think, dampen the potency of your Fibro. If you have to, tell him "The Joint Commission's" edict on pain says you have the right to gett "adequate" pain treatment. If nothing will move him/her, perhaps you need someone else.

    3)Hopefully, armed with meds, begin your journey. Enjoy the walk! Feel the pride! Begin to kick your Fibro's butt! Oh yeah, you'll overdo and get discouraged, but the next day when the pain subsides, get out there again, IF that's the plan.

    4) Or walk around in the house. Or do suggested floor exercises. Or whatever the two of you decide to try. I love the lady who said she celebrates her victory when she can get up to get the water for her meds. I've been there.

    5) And, oh yeah, the endorphins usually kick in pretty soon too. So you'll be taming your Fibro and your depression.

    6) Forgive me if I've offended anyone. If you really can't do anything, I'm truly sorry and may God bless you in other ways.

    Love, Darcy

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    I didn't respond to the first post but I read it early this morning just after writing my post about being sad. When I read yours, it really upset me and made me feel like others think me a failure for not being able to exercise right now. Since your wrote this, I feel less upset about what you said. I'm seeing a pain doc on Monday and hoping for some relief so I can try to get some life back. I AM a fighter, I'm just SO awfully weary right now. Thanks again and God bless you as well.
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    I think you are on to something with the endorphines and excersise. This DD at times has whipped my butt but I try to keep moving. I drive school bus and being around all that kid energy keeps me moving. I also ride horses and that is so healing. I just recently purchased Tony Little's Gazelle which is a wonderful machine. To walk long distances hurts my joints and I get fibro knots in my calf. But..the gazelle is like a ski machine that is suspended. It works your arms and legs, bum and is cardio too. I highly reccomend this machine to those that find it hard to exersice. Because my fms effects my legs I find going for a walk on cement really is a killer! I do not think we should assume everyone can walk. But, I feel that it is so important to do something that keeps the muscles stretched. This machine helps with this. I noticed I can move better since I started using this machine with no adverse effects on my legs. Went horse back riding today and I started to stiffen up. Got on the gazelle and stretched out my muscles. I read your first post too and I was not offended but could see where many would be. You did say something about whinnig to our loved ones which was a valid point. I think writing down our thoughts on this message board is very healing for some. So this is the place to come and whine!!! This DD hits everyone in a much different way. when I first got it I walked 3miles 3 times per week without much pain but now as I said before I would suffer from that much exersise.
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    You are right about excercise when I was in hos. last yr. I could hardly move I saw the physio therapist, she advised me to do what I could & to ice for pain & swelling. When I got home I could hardly walk into the house I was so weak. My plan was just to walk, each day I walked in the house. The 1st day out side I was only able to walk down my driveway to the front Street. Each day I went abit further. Today, I can walk 8 blocks or more. It's not alot but I am getting my life back.
    LOL, Day
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    You were a bit rough at first, Darcy, so thanks for the amendment. It will be much better for everyone.

    I am a person far from well. However, at one point a few years ago, I had reached the point that I would have a good day, and then spend the next two on the couch. That, obviously, was only hurting myself. I also had such severe nerve-type pain through my body that the water from a warm shower sent "electric shocks" through my back. I had to resort to baths to avoid this.

    I just want to say this. When your doctor says "exercise", he does not mean go out and become an athlete. He is only trying to keep you mobile, and trust me, this does help. I still cannot do major exercises, but I do try to walk 3 to 5 times a week. And, the only way I managed this was to listen to a friend with Fibro who gave me the advice to "just take a few steps at a time, and build up". It has helped to keep me off the couch, and has somewhat helped some of the pains I would get in my hips, knees, and lower back. But, mostly, it has given me something that I love! I dread the cold of winter when I am not willing to bite the bullet and go out. I terribly miss the sound of the birds, the scurring animals, the beauty of the sunsets, and even the glorious smells of the neighbor's cows! LOL

    If you can't exercise in any other way, please try to get yourself up to walking short distances. Find a pretty spot like a park or country road, if necessary. Even one block of smelling the beautiful fresh air will make life worth living again.