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    Good evening my fellow Idol watchers!!! Are you on the edge of your seat yet? And awaaay we go!!!!!!!!!! Only us older ones will remember which show that line came from!

    BTW, Bill O'Reilly called Paula a pinhead at the end of his show tonight. LOL!!! Not a huge O'Reilly fan, had to sit through it for hubby...

    And now, the REAL show begins:

    Ryan/Kermit the Frog opened the show with his usual dramatic flare--he really does enjoy the sound of his own voice. Over 45,000,000 votes cast! And Natasha Bedingfield is scheduled to appear along with Neil Diamond.

    Top five kick off the singing with 'Cracklin' Rosie' and I really feel sorry for these kids having to sing this cornball song; 'Cracklin' Rose you're a store bought woman'..what does that mean anyway and should anyone actually be singing it? But I must say David Cook once again stood what he could on it's head! And 'Song Sung Blue' gave me the blues--more pitching in this song than the World Series! The rest of this collaboration almost went downhill fast for me...David Cook seems to save them at every juncture.

    Recap of last night's show and I think maybe, Syesha is going home tonight, even though I don't want her to go...and I have to say, they're ALL adorable. Ryan interestingly addressed the media gossip regarding Paula and publicly defended her.

    JASON CASTRO called out first, and Ryan spins words, and then tells him he's safe tonight;

    DAVID ARCHULETA called out next, and Ryan loves to delay the call, indulging in the banter, and I want to scream, "Get to the point already!!!!" And then he announces, our little David is safe tonight;

    A film clip from 'So You Think You Can Dance' was shown. I don't think I could sit through this show week after week. Count me out of this one guys....

    The Coca-Cola cup segment was another annoying time filler.

    DAVID COOK is called out..and I'm a nervous wreck. Thankfully, oh good Idol God, you have spoken tonight, and David is safe!!! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

    SYESHA AND BROOK are brought out together and Brook seems initially nervous enough for both of them, but they are both remarkably poised at the same time. Ryan tells them to rest on the couch for awhile. I feel slightly tortured at this point; I can't even begin to imagine what they're feeling. It seems almost mean-spirited to do this to them. Oh, but the ratings MUST prevail over the feelings and personal anguish of two young girls, right? This ain't no place for sissies I guess....

    Back from another commercial break--does anybody time the segment vs. the commercials? The commercials have to outdue the segment time like 3-to-1 or something like that. Or maybe it just seems that long.

    Natasha Bedingfield performed 'Pocketful of Sunshine' and she was awesome!! So different from 'Unwritten' which I also loved. It's interesting to hear her speak, her English accent is so pronounced but it barely come through when she sings. She sat on the couch with the kids and 'agreed' to go to David Archuleta's prom with him. Adorable!!!

    Next, the excruciatingly unbearable q &a time filler from callers...questions for Paula and Simon's 9 year old kisser friend ... super snoozers for me...zzzzzzzzzz.

    Okay, I'm back, and the Ford commercial featuring the group plays. And of course, it's...adorable!!!

    Neil Diamond performs 'Pretty Amazing Grace' and as I watch him perform, I have to marvel at his longevity. Whether you're a fan or not, you have to admire his musical tenacity. To have a career like his is.. pretty amazing!! Okay, I couldn't resist that one!! His new album, Home Before Dark, debuts on May 6th. His comment to the kids to 'not listen to Simon' actually got Paula on her feet. LOL!! It seems that there may have been a negative history between Mr. Diamond and Simon. Wonder what that could have been....

    Back to excruciating commericals with six minutes left--next week I think I'm going to actually count the commercials and tally them at the end. Some of you guys know I really do like to tally...

    Okay, here goes. Boys safe. Ladies bottom two. And without further ado, Brook is leaving tonight. I am happy because I think this is so fair. She should leave before Syesha, just based on solid, consistent performances. And all the newspapers predicted either Syesha, David A, or Jason would go home. I am so glad those smug 'experts' were proven wrong. Brook exited gracefully, emotionally singing out with, I Am, I Said'. You could see her pain. She so did not want to leave the party.....

    And now it's down to the two David's, Syesha, and Jason...

    Well that's it for me kids. Time to go to bed. Have fun and I'll see you all next week!!!


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    Nobody else seems to have a problem with the timing of the posting.

    May I suggest that you NOT read it til later in the evening? That may work out better for you.

  3. 4everkid

    4everkid New Member

    Thanks again for the great play-by-play Laura!

    Sleepwalking, you will have to remember next week not to click on the thread titled "American Idol Results", until you have watched the show. But seriously, Laura's post is always way more exciting than the actual results show! Plus none of the unbearable waiting, AND commercial free!

    I really didn't know what to expect tonight, after the mess last night. Paula's undue criticism of Jason may have caused him added stress, effecting his performance. On the other hand, the Dreadheads may have been fighting mad and voted even harder to keep him safe. Either way, I am glad he is still in the game. I like Jason. He has had some pretty bad weeks, but he also had several phenomenal weeks where he really moved me. I am just not ready to see him go yet.

    So Whooo Hoooo for Jason and the Davids!

    I am sorry to see Brooke go, poor thing. That final song was tough for her, and she made me sad. I caught MYSELF making the pouty face this time! But it was time.

    Lil David seemed pretty shook up, as if he was shocked to be safe. He must have been reading the same news Laura was.

    I am glad Syesha got spared another week. She has improved so much, and really given it her all. She deserves more time.
  4. 4everkid

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    I don't get it. You want David Cook to win??? Jason makes it to the final and you root for David??

    Confess imposter! Who took over Kjades brain?

    Nevermind. I just saw your post on the other AI thread explaining why you will vote for Cook in the end.

    But, IMO, if Jason is the one whose CD you listen to all the time, and the one who soothes you and makes you feel good, and the one YOU love, you should be voting for him. Because in the end, its all about who can sell the most CD's and make the most money for AI. If you are dying to buy a COOK CD, then vote away! But if you will only be interested in Jason, he's your man.

    It's tough. I think David A has the most talent. But Cook has the talent and the stage presence. Jason is not as good, but I like his style the best. If they all three had CD's lined up on the rack in front of me, polished to studio perfection, I would choose the Jason Castro CD.

    It's a good thing I don't actually vote. I am just too wishy-washy![This Message was Edited on 04/30/2008]
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    WOW...I REALLY need to go to bed! I said I think DC should win, & I think he will. OF COURSE Jason will get all of my votes until the very end. However, I am afraid they (AI; TPTB) will try to change him, and I don't want that! What if they tell him he has to cut his hair???

    Oh no....that will just NOT fly with this dreadhead!! Plus, I already know that Jason will not compromise who he is for anyone (just look at ALW week) and I like that! Naturally, if there IS a JC/DC finale, all of my votes will go to my man!! Of COURSE!!! Are you kidding? IMO, he has the fans behind him, but DC does too, and he is a great performer. I think they are both wonderful (hey, I think they are ALL wonderful) - so hey, who knows now?

    Sorry, I am just so happy right now I am sounding a little "off" I'm sure.....but you have no IDEA how much I love this man!!
  6. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Awww....I will surely miss her and her sweetly hoarse voice. I loved her "I am, I said."

    I think based on the performances David Cooke is a sure winner but with AI no one knows right?

    Its sweet to see Kjade sticking right by her man...I hope he outlasts Syesha - I dont see anything original about Syesha. But ive learnt to expect surprises with AI like when Michael Johns got bumped out.

    Thank you for the updates lgp. Its great for us who sometimes miss the whole show due to electrical cuts and other stuff.

    God Bless
  7. 4everkid

    4everkid New Member

    You have a point about Syesha. She is talented, but she sounds so much like dozens of others who have been across that stage. Plenty of ability, no style. But with talent and that beautiful face, there is a perfect place for her out there.

    A minor nitpick - Does the finger tapping on the microphone bug anyone else as much as it bugs me? Syesha does it, and plenty of others before her. It drives me crazy.

    What were they thinking when they chose Neil Diamond? Very few average singers can reach the bass notes he is capable of. When the kids did their group number, this was obvious. Brooke was struggling to get low enough, and when Syesha became inaudible, unable to reach the notes, Brooke had to do her part. What's next? Minnie Ripperton?

    Whoever it was that said they need to stop choosing mentors who hit their peak 20 years before the contestants were born, was right! (Maybe they do this on purpose to force them to make the song their own. If they aren't too familiar with the choices, they aren't as likely to copy the original.) But still.... Neil Diamond? Dolly Parton? These people are dinosaurs to these kids! I would like to see them get to choose anything they want.
  8. hermitlady

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    Don't let the door hit you on your way out!

    I liked her earlier in the season, but got tired of her pouty attitude. I wanted to slap that phony smile off of her face on Tues! She just didn't have any confidence and was never comfortable performing. I'm surprised she lasted as long as she did.

    In response to the post about results being spoiled here....Maybe whoever starts the thread could put "SPOILER" in the title, just in case people read carelessly thru the thread and don't want to be spoiled. Obviously some folks don't realize that the show is aired earlier back east:)

    Personally, I look for the spoiler cuz I rarely sit thru the results shows. It's just too drawn out and boring for me, so I'm thankful the recap post is here. :)
  9. joyfully

    joyfully New Member

    I think that Brook is as sweet as she appears on the TV. I'd LOVE my son to find and marry someone as lovely as Brook.

    I think she does the pouty thing because she is used to working with small children. Brook is a nanny.

    None of us know just how we would handle that much pressure. I'd turn into a babbling idiot if I were put on stage and had a full audience PLUS MILLIONS watching.

    She is just a sweet lady who had no previous experience. Under those circumstances, I think she did fantastic. No, she didn't sing as well as some of the other contestants---and it was starting to show. I do believe a recording company will be contacting her. They would never have to be concerned about her showing up drunk or on drugs for a performance. What you see is what you get with Brook.

    Re: age of songs.

    I've wondered about that myself. Then you begin to think about the filth in so many songs today and what would you allow them to choose?

    I wonder if it has to do with Royalties on the songs? I noticed that some of these guests are just about to release an album. FREE PUBLICITY????? I wonder if the song writer has to give them permission to use his/her songs. I noticed that they thanked Michael Jackson for allowing them to use the Beetle Songs.[This Message was Edited on 05/01/2008]
  10. lgp

    lgp Well-Known Member

    and truth be told, I love these four and it's going to hurt to see any of them leave. Syesha, the last girl standing, David A.--sweet baby that he is, Jason with that angel face and David C. with his rocker charisma, I love something about all of them!!!

    It's interesting to me that there are varied opinions on whether it's totally beneficial to actually be the American Idol; Chris Daughtry is testimony to the fact that first place isn't always best. As much as I'd like to see DC win, I wonder if contractual obligations to AI and its powers that be would dampen his personal style. Same would go for Jason, so I believe going down second in ablaze of glory has it's benefits too. It's really a win/win at this point.

    Nevertheless, I'm with ya' on the JC/DC alliance!!!

  11. kjade

    kjade New Member

    GREAT! So then we are on....although, I received rather upsetting news tonight - I am sick about this whole show and saddened, really. Perhaps I should just stay off message boards that relate to AI - I TRULY cannot BELIEVE how TERRIBLE people can really be. I am right now, at a loss for words.

    I pray I am wrong (about what I am talking about) - time will tell. I only hope who ever does grab that grand prize is able to handle what TPTB will do to them.

    They are all EXTREMELY talented and beautiful and any one of them deserves to be where they are. But it is just a reality TV show......I am sickened right now - I really never thought people could be so low.....

    I hope JC/DC make it to the end - and if not, whoever makes it will be great, I am sure. I just hope these kids are not harmed in any way by all of the nonsense that is thrown at them. I can tell they are all really great kids - I just don't know if they truly understood from day 1 what they were getting themselves into.
  12. doloresf1

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    Has come such a long way during this competition. She has grown into a star, IMO. Her singing has greatly improved, her poise and confidence on stage has strengthened. Her freshness and youth are her beauty. She is ready for the stage!

    Early on in the competition I didn't particularly like Syesha. But, now I'd love to see her win the American Idol Competition.

    Jason is no match for her, IMO, but, the two Davids are a real threat. They can do nothing wrong. So, if Syesha has excellent performances from here on in (and she is capable of it) and if Jason goes home next, then the top 3 singers are really going to have to slug it out. Any one of them could win. But, I think not Jason. (Sorry Kjade). He's the weakest link at this point. All MHO.


  13. 4everkid

    4everkid New Member

    What was the upsetting news about, that put you in this sick and sad state?

  14. kjade

    kjade New Member

    There is a lot of controversy surrounding Jason. The AI honchos do NOT want him there. Just like they did not want Taylor Hicks there. They (and the media) have done some things that are disgusting; all in an attempt to get rid of him, because they know he has one of the biggest fan bases.

    They want the Davids in the finale, and Jason's fans are putting a crimp in those plans. They want a belter-type singer as their AI - they just do not want Jason. And the things I have seen over the past few days being done by the media are horrible.

    This is a sweet, vulnerable young man who is very talented. Some may not like him - his music is just not their style or their preference. But to drag him through the mud in an attempt to sway his fans is so very low.....and it is actually working against them, because he has gained even more fans now b/c of it. People are outraged over the Paula debacle; I have watched that over & over and her excuses just don't fly.

    Also he is now the VFTW person this week. But for the first time, they are voting cuz they do like him....I read they even changed their name for him for now. They vote for who they feel the producers do NOT want to win. Apparently it did not work with Brooke, but she just did not have the fanbase behind her.

    I have met people online that know Jason, and he TRULY does want to win this thing, and he has been very hurt about everything going on around him recently. He doesn't deserve this nonsense. He is just a smalltown college kid who plays drums in a band. He is getting a very bad rap by the media, and it is just not right. I won't go on & on (as if I already haven't) - but it has been very upsetting. These are, after all, human beings who want this dream just as much as anyone else. I know it is just a TV show, but TPTB (the powers that be) are doing everything in their power to get rid of him, and I think he knows it.

    I know you enjoy Jason's music should hear the studio version of "Forever in Blue Jeans".....I just love it - he sounds really great. Even my dh (who likes Cook) says that Jason sounds really, really good on his studio recordings. And my dh is a musician (he was in a rock band) so he knows music.

    I guess we will just have to see what happens now........
  15. 4everkid

    4everkid New Member

    I know what you are going through. I always wonder just how fair things are behind the scenes. This year, it does seem obvious that they are behind the Davids. And it stands to reason that they would not want Jason with his stoner image to win. He doesn't fit the cookie cutter mold of the American Idol.

    But obviously, the public loves him, just like he is. And if TPTB have learned anything from former seasons, they should know that whether THEY like a person or not, its the one WE like that brings in the bucks, winner or not.

    Look at season 2. Clay Aiken didn't fit the mold with his nerdy image. And they kept pumping the whole "Ruben = Velvet Teddybear" thing down our throats. Well, where is Ruben now? No matter how cool and snuggly he was, in the end, the fans loved Clay Aiken more. That year there was a big voting controversy, with 150 million of the votes not being counted. Clay had been in the lead the whole time, right up until the finale. I liked Ruben, but I was shocked that he won. And in the end, even though he won, Aiken is the bigger star.

    **Tamyra Gray had gone on from 4th place to become a succesful actress.
    **Kimberly Locke, 3rd place, has made two albums and has had success in both acting and modeling.
    **LaToya London, 4th place, has made an album and has a career as a stage actress.
    **Jennifer Hudson, 7th place, has been super successful as an actress and has won a ton of awards! Shes also working on an album.
    **Chris Daughtry, 4th place, cut an album that sold a million within 5 weeks! He's the 4th most successful AI contestant and has won tons of awards as a vocal artist.

    So you don't have to win this thing to be successful. Daughtry and Aiken proved that sometimes the "losers" end up being much better off in the end. They can also do what they want, how they want.

    And don't worry about those VFTW geeks. The only people that take them seriously are the other bitter, no-life geeks.

    It's fans like YOU who got Jason this far. And whether or not he becomes the winner of this contest, he will be successful. He has WAY too many established fans for the record companies to let him slip through the cracks.

    So don't worry Kjade, you will get your Jason CD!
  16. kjade

    kjade New Member

    This is how things always go for me with these shows....the one I like is always the underdog. I am starting to think that's because I am always the underdog in life, so I relate to them.

    I do remember the Ruben/Clay thing. I LOVED Clay Aiken and did vote for him. They did the same thing to him (just not as bad as what they are doing to Jason) because they felt Ruben would make them the most money. Well....look how wrong they were!! I still to this day do not believe Ruben really won.

    They did the same thing to Bo Bice (who I also voted for - just never for 2 solid hours on 2 phones like I do now) - and he rec'd similar treatment; from the judges and the producers. That year, they DEFINITELY wanted Carrie Underwood. Which in that case, they were right - she has gone on to be HUGELY successful, and we really don't hear from Bo. That is good though - I don't think he really wanted to win. He seems happy with his life the way it is.

    Someone on the AI board posted about the year Kelly Clarkson won (that was actually the only time a fave of mine ever won). They talked about how the judges kept pushing Tamyra Gray that year, and how Kelly was just this dorky girl, who did not really fit the mold, looks wise.

    Then week after week, as she kept getting through, they started to realize how great she really was, and Tamyra was gone. Only difference with her & Jason is....she is a "belter" and that is what they seem to be looking for. I am also growing very tired of hearing how the "Teeny Boppers" (which I am NOT of course - maybe 20 years ago, but....) are only voting for Jason cuz of his looks. Did I vote for Clay Aiken cuz of his looks? Ummmm.....NO! I voted for Clay & Bo & Jason because I like their music. I enjoy hearing them. But I get told that I am tone deaf, and just mesmerized by the blue eyes and dreadlocks. is so much more than that.

    I won't go on & on, but I wanted to thank you for what you wrote. I think you understand where I am coming from here (and yes, I do have a life outside of AI!! LOL!!)
  17. 4everkid

    4everkid New Member

    I would think that the average teenybopper is voting for Archuleta. He is young, cute and shy...everything a teenybopper likes.
    Somehow, when I watch AI, I am always able to separate who I think is cute, and whose songs I prefer, and whose style I like, from who I think is the most talented, or the best candidate for Idol.

    If I was going on cuteness alone, Michael Johns would have been my guy. I liked his style too, but he just wasn't good enough to win. I like Jasons style too...very laid back and a pleasant voice. I feel he is the most unique, and the only one I would actually buy a CD of.

    I actually found David Cook to be a little creepy in the beginning, during the early stages. But once he really got going, he proved he could sing well, and has a lot of confidence and a good stage presence. I don't find him creepy anymore. It could be the hair makeover.

    While I think little David is very talented, I don't think he is up to the life of an Idol. Like Brooke, he seems too emotional to handle the stress. (He actually seems younger than 17 to me.)

    I blame his father. He has probably been criticized so much that he dreads a bad review. He always seems so worried before the judges, and on results night, when there is no reason for him to be. Then he is relieved to the point of giddiness when he passes. Him winning would be like sending the Pillsbury Dough Boy into battle. But based on talent alone, he has a very good chance of winning.

    On the other hand, maybe it would be good for him to have someone else calling the shots instead of Daddy. Someone who respects his talent. And I guess that its possible that this contest is more stressful than what follows.

    I'm babbling again, so I'll stop here.

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