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    Greetings and salutations my fellow Idol watchers. Needless to say, last night's show ruffled alot of feathers and disappointed many. None of the four seems to be a 'shoe-in' any longer, and anyone's guess is as good as mine. So let's see what happens tonight. AND AWAAAY WE GO!!!!!!

    Ryan opens the show and announces a record 51,000,000 votes with the top three within 1,000,000 votes of each other. That's close. And Maroon Five is performing tonight. A group like Maroon Five should be mentoring these kids. I saw Maroon Five in concert when they first started out, and they were awesome. And on the same bill with John Mayer!! What a show that was...but how I digress.

    The kids came out and sang Steeley Dan's "Reeling In the Years', an old sentimental favorite of mine. I loved the guitarist's bit!! This was a nice song for the kids, gave them each a pleasant little showcase. So far, so good. And already, we're off to commercials...Coke, then Narnia, Extra gum(gut to nice butt, possibly the stupidest commercial I've ever seen), Mazda zoom zoom zoom, McDonalds chicken sandwich, Kohl's big weekend sale, Iron Man movie ad, 'Fox's So You Think You Can Dance' commercial and finally back to the show...

    Tickets on sale for the tour May 17th--as if fans didn't already know..and a rehash of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame song selections of the contestants.

    DAVID ARCHULETA is called out first, and humbly banters with Ryan. Ryan recapped David's performances and announces that our little David is SAFE tonight and then, more commercials.. and I just can't count them this time-- I think you got the picture from the first round anyway. Suffice to say, it's waaay too many annoying commercials...could it possibly be more than last time?

    A clip of the four (FAB 4) on a 737 arriving at the Mirage--greeted with a frenzy!!! I really liked the whole Beatles schtick a la FAB 4. It definitely worked for me. But I would have loved a Dorothy, scarecrow, tinman, cowardly lion thing from these four too.Wouldn't that have been adorable?? These kids had such a great time in Vegas--what a great break from the stress of the competition!!!

    DAVID COOKE is called out next. While his songs were critiqued and Randy was still full of praise for our DC. And He is thankfully , SAFE tonight which means JASON and SYESHA are the bottom two, and--can any of you guess--back to more bleeping commercials!!!

    I did love the Ford Mustang commercial (Ring Of Fire). They looked so adorable as matadors!! I bet they laughed all the way through that one.

    Next the q/a caller segment and the caller that cracked me up was the woman who asked David Cooke for a date July 29th in Pittsburgh!! He was stunned!! LOL!! Another caller inquired with Simon as to why he hasn't been knighted by the queen yet. Gee, I bet there's more than one person who would love to place a dagger on Simon's shoulder!! When another caller gushed to Simon that he could be the next James Bond, Ryan actually pitched forward onto his console. Enough callers for Ryan,I guess...

    Maroon Five performs next, never missing a beat--and I must say, front man Adam Levine is the ultimate hipster doofus-- really, insanely cute and just a little geeky at the same time. He dresses impeccably, not surprisingly since his parents actually own an upscale men's clothing business in LA..

    Wait, did I miss something? The four of them are sitting on th sofa. So at this point they're all safe? Who's the bottom two?

    Bo Bice performs next and he's still true to his rocker roots. He didn't sell out, get a stylist, or cut his hair and I love that!! And as he sang, I was quickly reminded of why I rooted so hard for this guy...he was/is a phenomenon. Gotta love the Biceman!!!

    Okay, so it's ten minutes until the end of the show and we're heavily ensconced in...more commercials!!!! Surprise, surprise!!! And every time that stupid animated Ipod commercial comes on, I look up from my laptop and expect the kids to be in it. And I fall for it every time!! Okay, what's wrong with me!?!?

    JASON and SYESHA are the bottom two, I guess the couch thing momentarily confused me. Ryan rehashed their last night performances, of course, with dramatic flair. Jason was his brutally honest, adorable self while Syesha was remarkably poised. And with the last bit of ado, Ryan announce that SYESHA is of the top three. And our JASON is going home. I wish the party wasn't over for him. Through it all, he never lost who he was, and I firmly believe this is just the beginning of great things for our Jason Castro. Jason, with his angelic, smiling face sang us out with Bob Marley's 'I Shot The Sheriff.' And the fair thing is to not say goodbye to Jason, but Au Revoir, as the French say, 'Til We Meet Again.'

    Well, that's it for me kids. Time for bed. Stay tuned and I'll see you all next week!!!


    P.S. Do any of you remember what I am referring to when I say, "And awaaay we go!!!" Just a little trivia!!

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    It was sad to see Jason go tonight. He handled it with such great spirit! He seemed prepared, and kept a smile on his face throughout, which made it a little easier for me. He sang his final song with no restraint, no fear of judgement, and seemed to have a lot of fun with it. And his montage video was nice, all the great, happy Jason moments to remember him by.

    I really liked the group song tonight. They all sounded good, and got to harmonize! Too bad it looked like it was choreographed by Mrs. Applewhite, the 3rd grade music teacher. It would have been cooler, especially with only 4, if they had just moved around naturally, allowed to experience the song as themselves.

    I loved the trip to see the Beatles themed Cirque du Soliel! The fab 4 Idols seemed to have a lot of fun, and the show looks amazing! I want to see it! I hope it ends up on DVD eventually, cause that's the closest I will ever get to Vegas.

    These call in Q&A bits are becoming more and more miserable and awkward each week.

    Kjade, I know I have said it before, but Jason will be a star in his own way. Can you really see him singing "Do I Make You Proud at A Moment Like This when I Believe Flying Without Wings Inside Your Heaven Is My Now"? (Yes, that was my conglomeration of all the cheesy finale songs, none of which Jason would want to sing.) Plus, I think he would hate being forced to sing the songs they choose for him, forced to give up his creativity, then managed, merchandised, and enslaved, without any input, and giving half his earnings to Simon Fuller. I would much rather see him strike his own deal and retain his self, his soul and sing the songs he chooses.

    So I wish him well, with all my heart. I hope he gets a nice relaxing rest....then beats a path to the nearest recording studio.
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    Finally, someone who understands my 'dated' humor--LOL!!!

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    Hey Laura! I got the quote now please don't check my profile for my age!

    Did anyone else notice that Jason was mouthing "don't vote" on Tuesday's show? I could be wrong but that's what it looked like to me. I think you are right on with he was ready to go before they start forcing him to sing those songs that are just not him. Even some of the group songs seem to be a little hard for him because there is no way to make them fit his style. I still love his version of Over the Rainbow!

    Being a Marley fan I may have to buy one of his future CDs and I do believe there will be many.

    Hasn't Seyesha been in the bottom two every week? She's one tough kid and must be gaining votes each week as others are voted off. I was thrilled to see her move on because I think she has grown more in this contest than any other of the contestants. I don't think she's the most talented but she has really taken to the whole fame thing.

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    This Syesha thing is amazing. She has bottom two-ed her way to third place! I have never seen anything like this happen. So watch out Davids, cause this girl is NEVER in last place!
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    That Syesha has worked her way up, and up, and up over the many weeks. She has improved greatly. It's a very nice surprise to see her in the final three.

    It's impossible to predict who will win this competition. I wish all three contestants the best of luck.