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    After last night' final performance of the two David's, I thought about it alot, and something about the show made me uneasy. This morning, I went on line, and several articles I read confirmed my suspicion; does anyone feel that Cook tried to deliberately 'throw' the show last night? While his performances were all solid and respectable, and God knows I'm a Cook fan, he didn't knock me off my feet as he usually, and quite easily, does. Two columnists suggested that it's precisely because he's taken this as far as he wants to and really does not want to be tethered for a year to AI--would rather do his rocker dude thing on his own terms now that he has national exposure. It's one theory.

    Another article actually jokingly hinted that Cook is actually terrified of sending Archuleta home to his dad in second place, or as Papa Archuleta would probably refer to it as 'first to lose' and browbeat little David. That poor kid....

    The way I see it, it's a win/win situation for Cook. If he wins, great. If he doesn't, he gets to immediately do his rocker thing a la Daughtry, and at the same time, he can be relieved that little David will not have to deal with the trauma he may face in his father's eyes. And, it goes without saying, Cook can then spend a little time with his ailing brother befor he kicks R&R a**.

    My final thought though, is Cook just may win--simply based on a survey I read. The question was, "If you had to buy a CD tommorow by Archuleta or Cook, which one would you buy?" The overwhelming majority responded "Cook." Go figure. It ain't Hillary and Obama, but it's kept us amused for awhile!!! And may the best David win....

    I will write a new thread later for the two hour show. Please note, I will put SPOILER in the title line so as not to spoil any west coast fun!!! And if you are going to record or TIVO remember to set it for 2+ hours; last year the show ran a little over, and people who taped didn't catch the winner, so be careful folks.

    Okay now friends.....and awaaaaay we go!!!!!!!


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    I was reading your post during the commercials and you may be on to something. I do believe Fox wants Cook but what you say makes sense.

    I look forward to your review, it has been good so far, how lucky is Shesha to sing with Seal and darn I can't think of her name but she let Shesha hold her special mike.

    Just had to post about Seacrest gettin down,lol-Carla
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    All day I've been wondering WHY didn't David Cook TRY last night. He just didn't seem to try!