America,A generous country... $300 billion

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    To those who already know Americans to be a generous lot,this article will affirm that. To those who see us as a selfish and greedy country,you may rethink your opinion. The following is an excerpt fom a column by George Weigel,Senior Fellow of Ethics and Public Policy Center in Wa. D.C.Adam Myerson,president of Phianthropy Roundtable, gave a lecture on the "Generousity of America"@ Michigian's Hillsdale College. Adam began by noting that the media generally notice Americans' charitable donations only in the wake of diasters;it was widely remarked,for example,that some $6billion had been given to disater relief in the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Yet,Americans routinely give about $6billion to charity EVERY week! Meyerson noted that "Last year(2009) Americans gave $300 billion to charity.To put this in persepctive that's almost twice as much as we spend on consumer electronics equipment-including cellphones.iPods and DVD players. Americans gave three times as much as we spend on gambiling and professional sports. All of which makes us ,Meyerson concluded"the most charitable country in the world. There is no other country that comes close." The question is "Why?" The first reason has to do with American piety. Secularism may have made serious inroads into American high culture and American public life,but we are not yet Europe or Canada,and it tells in our giving. "Americans who attend church or synagogue or another form of worship once a week give three times as much to charity as a percentage of their income as do those who rarely attend religious services. And while it is true that $100 billion of that annual $300 billion goes to religious instituions, two thirds of it goes to other f orms of charity usually secular in charater. Secularisim's claims to a deeper compassion for those in need are put into serious question by this data. Americans are not yet infected with European tendancy to look to the gov't. for the resolution of all their problems. As Meyerson put it,Americans "respect freedom and the ability of the indivdual, to make a difference.........
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    it's been shown that those who have less
    are much more generous than those who have more...

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    Probably just add it to our tab..ya gotta wonder where it all comes from!
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    Yes, Europe and the United States have really contributed to the upliftment of
    this world in general. I love that they give or try to give equal rights to animals,
    the environment, human rights. These are kind of neglected by most other countries.
    Truly I am grateful.

    God Bless
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    I'm really not being funny. True story by a bodyguard.

    A man asked Clinton "Why are you allowing jobs go to China that American's need?"

    His reply."What would you do if you son was hungry?"
    The man "Anything"

    Clinton "Exactly. That is why China needs feed their kids and if they don't have
    money they will come after us".

    Well, I do believe there is truth to that. And don't what to start into the politics of it all....

    America has done so much, thanks for telling us G.

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    I saw your comment on the FM/CFS board to me. I am always around. Thanks for the shout out over there!
    Thanks for bringing this information out over here.
    BTW the $300 billion in charity doesn't include what our government gives to countries or to disaster relief or welfare, etc, which is money from the American taxpayer!
    I really resent the people who keep telling us how greedy and self centered we Americans are.
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