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    And now it's down to the final seven. Ryan/Kermit the frog really seems to enjoy the sound of his own voice,"THISSSSS.........IS AMERICAN IDOL." Okay, then...

    Mariah Carey is introduced as the guest performer. And may the performing begin:

    DAVID ARCHULETA sang first, performing the Whitney/Miriah duet 'Believe' , and at first he looked a bit nervous. But true to form, our little David hits that first high note, steps out and hits it all the way home!! Every song he sings sounds inspirational to me. Gotta love that kid!! Judges unanimous tonight--the kid can sing anything flawlessly!!

    CARLY SMYTHSON sang second, performing 'Without You' which was a Mariah remake (originally Bee Gees). I thought Carly was rather weak on this performance--she was soft and pitchy, particularly in the beginning of the song and I just didn't like it; I was almost afraid to hear what the judges had to say on this one. Randy and Paula tried to be nice but Simon spoke the truth--she did not pull it off, as I suspected he would say. It wasn't a particularly bad performance-- just weak.

    SYESHA MERCADO sang third, performing 'Vanishing' which was amazingly written by a teenaged Mariah!! Syesha looked beautiful, actually quite elegant, and I thought she really did a great job with this song. She really showcased the strength of her vocals with that song choice. Paula was totally correct when she pointed out how wise Syesha was to select a song not many people know. Simon disagreed but sorry Simon, you were wrong on that one!!!

    At this point in the show, Simon makes a point of stating that David Archuleta is the one to beat.

    BROOK WHITE sang fourth, performing 'Hero'. From the opening note, I thought this might be the totally perfect song for Brook to sing. I think she did a good job, but in the beginning of the song I thought she would hit one out of the park, but she never did. She almost sounded bored with it at one point, like she was charging through it just to get done. Simon's hamburger analogy was a little absurd, but oddly true. But I have to say, our Miss Brook looks so great with her curly hair!!!!

    KRISTI LEE COOK sang fifth, performing 'Forever' and did a more than decent job with this song-- as if it was written specifically for her. While I can't do handstands over this song and I think she did the best she could with it; judges opinions were mixed but Kristi sure looked beautiful!

    DAVIS COOK sang sixth, performing 'Part of Me' and I was a tad confused by his interpretation of this song in the very beginning, and THEN he spun it on its head, in true David Cook form and brought it home with that last smoldering line!! I love this guy!! He puts a spin on his song selections that just separate him from the pack!! Randy, Paula, and Simon loved it for the flawless risk taking that it was!!! Another Cook masterpiece!!!!

    JASON CASTRO sang last, performing 'I Don't Wanna Cry' and I have to honestly say, I am not familar with this song at all. But I liked what Jason did with it!! I think he did a very respectable job with the song, but I don't think it was one of his strongest performances. It was okay--not great--for me, not like last week's 'Over the Rainbow.' But he is adorable!!!

    I am not a huge Mariah fan, so none of these songs really wowed me. It was what each performer was able to do with the songs that mattered. But hey, that's just me!!

    So that's it for me!!! Vote! Vote! Vote! And time to go to bed kiddies!!

    See you tomorrow and stay tuned!!!!


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    Although I recognize Mariah as an amazingly talented artist, I am not a fan of R&B or hip hop style music. I try not to let that sway me though.

    David A. was wonderful tonight. I liked the outfit he chose, as it gave him a more relaxed and cool appearance. His song was performed perfectly. The poor guy always looks so nervous before the judges and I don't know why. He always does a great job.

    Carly sang pretty good, but there came a point in the song where it seems like she was straining. She hit the notes, but it seemed tense and not as effortless as it should.

    I think Syesha had the right idea choosing a more obscure song. I thought she sang very well. But parts of her arrangement were odd, kind of woozy and off balance.

    Brooke...I thought she was horrible. The whole thing was pitchy. I couldn't even pick up on the actual melody. I agree she was lacking meat on her bun, but I have to add that even the bun was stale. And as usual, she did the pouty face.

    Kristi Lee has really kicked it up a few notches the last few weeks. She did a great job. The song was average and boring for me, but she sang it well.

    David C. was not as great as he has been in the past, but it was one of the better ones this week. Like last week, I think he lacks power and clarity in his voice on the low notes. Not that I think he should sing loud... but something is lacking. It was a nice song, and didn't sound like a Mariah song to me. I need to go google up the Mariah version of the song to compare them so I can appreciate his arrangement of it. Loved the little tear in his eye ... a few sniffles.

    Jason did another great job tonight. Perfect song choice for him, again. Never heard it before, but I liked it. Jason has a very unique style of his own, more so than the other contestants. There are certain types of songs that fit him perfectly. He had a few bad weeks in there, but I think now he is really settling into the right songs that he is comfortable with.

    Based on tonights performances, I think Brooke should go home. I think Carly should be in the bottom 3, and I have no choice for the third position. I have a feeling that Carly will be the one voted out though.

    I get so irritated that Simon gets drowned out by the booing audience, then cut off by the music. It was really bad tonight. Now I can see why he gets so frustrated when Paula rambles on about rainbows and colors and takes up more than her third of the time. He gets the shaft on time, and is forced to be blunt and concise, just to get his opinion out.

    Paula and Simon should trade seats.
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    I am only stopping for a second from my voting here....I will have to get back to that in a sec!

    I don't have time to critique each contestant (I don't need to with Laura and 4everkid's BRILLIANT writings!)

    But IMO, Simon was RIGHT ON tonight!! I thought the guys BLEW the girls AWAY! (which is what I thought would happen anyway - it is hard to be female and sing a Mariah song and not feel a comparison).

    I hate to say this, but out of the girls, I think Kristy was the best (tho I still don't like her and I find her boring) I think vocally she did very well!! The others......well let's just say I hardly noticed them while I was trying to vote on 3 phones!!

    Poor Brooke.....did anyone see how much she was trembling? I am not a big fan of hers, but I felt bad for her.

    Now, David A is such a doll (his fans are the Archies if you are taking notes....and they are the sweetest group in the bunch!). I enjoyed his performance, but it did not compare to David C and JASON!!!! (you just knew I would say that!!)

    David C had ME in tears when he was crying! I wasn't crazy about the song, but he did make it cool....also his brother who is battling cancer was there supposedly, and it was very emotional (BTW, his fans are called the Wordnerds, and we all refer to David as "Cookie"). He is definitely my 2nd fave...but FAR behind my JASON!!!!!

    Although I wasn't crazy with Jason's song AT FIRST.....I watched again (of course over & over) and he was really brilliant sexy, smooth....oh my heart was racing! Then DH woke up and muttered that he was awful, and I had to tell him to go back to sleep (shut up, old fool!! LOL). I was melting, as usual. I can't wait for the studio version of that one!

    I don't know if anyone downloads the studio versions here, but they sound so AWESOME on those when they are recorded, rather than being live. It gives you a feel of how they will be as recording artists.


    OH, and Randy.....go have fun at your "LUAU" (Mr Pitchy)!!!!